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Water Recipe That Can Flush Away Fats

Water Recipe That Can Flush Away Fats

Water Recipe

In this article, we give you an amazing water recipe.

With this water recipe, you can get rid of fats from your body.

This water recipe will improve your overall health and boost your body energy.

Water recipe can eliminate your fats

-1. Flushing Water recipe

Ingredients for the recipe:

– 1/2 gallon water

– Ice

– 1 tangerine, sliced

– 2 peppermint leaves of mint

– ½ cucumber, sliced

– 6 grapefruit wedges

Preparation of the recipe:

You need to wash all the ingredients before slicing them.

Then Slice cucumber, tangerine and grapefruit (or peel them).

Mix all the ingredients with water by using a pitcher.

Leave the mixture aside for about 2 hours so you can get the maximum benefits.

Stir and drink this water recipe the whole day.

-2. Fat detoxification water recipe:

Ingredients for the recipe:

– 2 liters of water

– 1 medium cucumber, sliced

– 1 tsp fresh and grated ginger

– 1 medium lemon, sliced

– 12 small spearmint leaves

Preparation of the recipe:

You need also rinse your ingredients before slicing them.

Put all together in a drinking bottle or large pitcher.

Blend it all ingredients together and put aside overnight.

You can drink mixture in the morning.

With this drink, you will start to remove your unwanted fats as well as your toxins from the body will go away.

This is one easy way to lose your weight and remove toxins from your body.

The water is our source of life and we cannot imagine being without this liquid.

Healing benefits of water are recognized by traditional Japanese medicine.

This Japanese water treatment is giving good results and is treating a lot of diseases.

There is also a special way to treat diseases, but you can see more about these treatments on our page about water.

Source: www.wellnessbin.com


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