Home Health With Watercress Hippocrates Treated Hardest Diseases! If You Want Health, Get This Plant!
With Watercress Hippocrates Treated Hardest Diseases! If You Want Health, Get This Plant!

With Watercress Hippocrates Treated Hardest Diseases! If You Want Health, Get This Plant!

The miracle herb that we speak in this article is watercress (Nasturtium officinale).

Although watercress people know for its medicinal properties, this plant through generations is somewhat forgotten.

The origin of this herb is the ​​Eurasia, but today you can find this herb almost everywhere all around the world.

People also know watercress as one of the oldest plants whose use dates back to ancient history.

Many ancient peoples used in nutrition and treatment of health problems.

The ancient Greek physician and father of medicine Hippocrates appreciate this plant and were recommended this herb for the treatment of:

– Catarrh of the lungs


– Throat diseases

– Goiter

– Hoarseness

For the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans were known as a powerful tool to restore power.

The pharaohs of Egypt ordered his slaves daily drinking the juice of watercress in order to maintain power, and thus productivity.

It is now officially an international research declares this leafy green vegetable that is currently the healthiest vegetables on the planet.

Also, researchers declare that is food item number one.

About its nutritive value more than enough by the fact that it contains large amounts of iron than spinach.

In addition, has more vitamin C than lemons and oranges.

What are the secrets of watercress?

Watercress is reducing and stopping oxidative stress and also is increasing the antioxidant effect.

This herb affects the exchange of chemical compounds in our metabolism and regulates disorders.

All of that is important in accessing treatment in a natural way.

This plant purifies the blood, refreshes, stimulates appetite and purifies the whole body.

In Autointoxication – toxemia, natural healers recommend consuming this plant after a long winter.

This amazing herb in folk medicine, people use in the treatment as a fresh herb.

You can also use this ingredient in the form of fresh juice.

How to make a juice

Recommended intake of fresh juice is in a ratio of 1: 5.

You need to put one part of juice and five parts water.

You need to mix with water because a pure juice can cause inflammation of the stomach and throat.

Fresh juice you need to take as it is prescribed because it is not recommended everyday intake of juice.

You need to make breaks between treatments.

The bitter oil, which contains this herb, is excreting through the kidneys.

At the same time, it increases circulation and increases urination, while prolonged use can irritate the kidneys.

Juice of watercress is a popular tool for outdoor use in diseases of the skin, skin impurities.

Also, is a good tool for hair loss in the form of juice and putting coverings.

As a poultice of crushed leaves that put on the affected area reduces the appearance of sun spots on the skin, cures scabies and various skin impurities.

Scientific studies say about stopping tumor growth and metastasis (experimented on animals).

If you inject watercress extract into the body part it can help you in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Also, it can stop the spread of breast cancer.

At the same time, people recommend for smokers as a salad.

It has an excellent function and also prevents the harmful effects of smoking.

To prepare the coating leaves of watercress you need to cut in small pieces so that we get a soft mixture that you can apply to the affected area.

Find and use this miracle herb and recommend it to your friends and family.


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