Watercress Is Probably The Healthiest In The World, And No One Eats It!


Watercress is a very often forgotten plant that experts believe is the healthiest in the world.

It is a plant that contains many essential vitamins and minerals such as iron.

If you believe in research, this plant contains more iron than spinach and also more vitamin C than some citrus.

In addition, to these nutrients, watercress has many health benefits.

Watercress health benefits

Namely, according to a recent study, it was found that this plant stops and reduces oxidative stress.

In addition, it cleanses the blood, stimulates appetite and cleanses the body from harmful toxins.

Many people drink watercress juice very often.

You can also do that if you mix juice from this plant with water in ratio 1: 5.

The recommended dose is one glass every few days.

Do not drink more, because there may be a side effect.

The juice of this plant you can apply also locally (outside) in the treatment of any type of skin and hair condition.

Just rub the juice on the affected area.

You can also use the juice in the form of a lining.

In that way, you can finally solve the problem of hair loss and many skin problems.

For lining crack small leaves of this plant and also mix them with the alcohol.

Then, apply the mixture to the affected areas and also wrap it with the bandage.

Leave the lining for a few hours, then remove and also rinse the area with cold water.

In addition, the watercress juice can stop the growth of tumors and metastases.

Some experts claim it has the power to prevent numerous cardiovascular problems and also stop the spread of breast cancer.

Source: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29890115

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