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Weeds Or Remedy! Eat And Drink Dandelion!

Weeds Or Remedy! Eat And Drink Dandelion!

Dandelion is a common weed.

That is if we were joking!

Did you know that his leaves, roots, and tree have healing properties?

In addition, it is most beneficial to the liver and bone and also dandelion root is more effective for cancer than dangerous chemotherapy.

While for some people it is a plain, boring weeds, for sick people is a very important remedy.

Those people who have the ability to collect clean and healthy plant need to know when is the best time to collect leaves, flower, root, and stem of this herb.

The leaves you need to collect before blooming, and dandelion is blooming from March to May.

The root is the best to collect in the spring and in the fall and also stems during blooming.

Carefully collect the roots without cutting or breaking to keep the juice inside them.

Extracted roots you need to dry 2-3 days in the sun.

Otherwise, dandelion is growing everywhere, the meadows, grasslands, abandoned fields, roads, and settlements.

Healing is due to the abundance of zinc, flavonoids, vitamins B, sterols, tannins, and also potassium.

The leaves are full of vitamin C and iron.

People use this herb in various forms like tea, juice, syrup, and also from the leaves you can make a very tasty and medicinal salad.

Combine tea and salad from dandelion

Tea from this herb acts as a diuretic because it promotes removal of excess water from the body.

To remove excess water from the body you need to drink two cups of tea daily for six weeks.

You can also enhance its effectiveness if you eat a bowl of salad of this herb at least once in a week.

You can prepare tea by mixing one teaspoon of dried leaves, flowers and finely cut roots.

All ingredients you can put in a bowl, pour a cup of boiling water, cover and let sit for 20 minutes.

Then strain a tea and also you can sweeten with one teaspoon of organic honey to your taste.

You need to drink 2 – 3 cups of tea a day.

Dandelion juice

The juice of dandelion is used to relieve stomach problems and the best results you can obtain from the freshly squeezed juice.

The juice you can make by squeezing a combination of leaves and roots.

Two teaspoons of the resulting juice pour into a glass of milk and also sweeten with honey by your taste.

This juice you need to drink on an empty stomach in the morning for three weeks.

Dandelion syrup

This syrup strengthens the body, regulates digestion, and also cleans your blood vessels.

Preparation is very simple.

2 cups of dandelion flowers boil in 2 liters of fresh water, strain and add one kilogram of honey and also the juice of two lemons.

The mixture simmers over low heat with constant stirring until it becomes syrupy.

Then you can put syrup into a bottle and close the bottle.

Take one tablespoon of this syrup 2 or 3 times a day.

Dandelion tea

Take 2 teaspoons of this herb, put into a cup of cold water and boil for a minute or two.

Remove from heat and let the mixture stand 15 minutes, then strain.

Health benefits of tea:

– Helps with stomach problems

– Helps at health problems of a bile and liver

– Reduces scabies, ringworm, and rashes

– Helps on allergies, and ulcers

– Promotes the work of the kidneys and also stomach

– Lowers bad cholesterol

– Help and regulate messy menstrual cycle at woman

– Reduces rheumatic disorders

– Cleanse the body and improve blood picture

Dandelion salad

Take fresh dandelion leaves, wash them, chop and place in a bowl.

Pour over them olive oil, season with salt and also add a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon.

All of those health benefits you can do by yourself at your own home.



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