What A Single Minute Of Running Is Doing For Body!


Maybe you are not a fan of running?

You’re not the only one!

Actually, you belong to the majority!

However, what if we tell you that just one minute of running a day can make a miracle for your body?

You read it well, just a minute!

In addition, realistically, everyone can have a single minute of running.

Namely, scientists from the University of Exeter and Lester investigated how short, but also intensive energy consumption can help you improve your health.

Actually, it can improve the health of your bones, especially at women.

More than 2,500 women participated in the study.

In addition, scientists measure the level of activity, using fitness monitors.

They were also focused on bone health, which they tested with the scanner.

The conclusion was bone strengthening for 4 percent in women who had been exposed to intense physical activity for a minute or two.

At the same time, for women who committed more than two minutes, this increase was 6 percent.

Start running for bone health

Do you generally know how much bone health is important too?

Healthy and also strong bones reduce the risk of osteoporosis or bone-prone fractures at the slightest movement.

If you are planning to start any physical activity for a long time, try running.

Take a minute or two to run daily.

At the same time, your bones will be inexpensively grateful.

In addition, in the older age, you will live a lot easier and without pain!

Moreover, when you start with such a short “training”, you will want more and more time.

Therefore, in this way, you can maintain a slimline!

Start as early as you want to choose when it will be.

You can run whether you are going to work on the job, running on the bus.

You can also relax your body with running after a hard day of work.

Choose whatever, it’s just important to finally start!

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