What Happen After 2 Days Stop Smoking!

Stop Smoking

If you’ve ever tried to stop smoking, you know how difficult it is to dismiss that habit.

Even if you are not aware of it, nicotine leaves us dehydrated and also reduces collagen production.

At the same time, smoking affects the elasticity of the skin that becomes tired and shiny.

It is unlikely how much this happens in the body after just two days without cigarettes.

Perhaps this is a stimulus for you to stop smoking with a much healthier activity.

After only 20 minutes something important happens

In just 20 minutes after the last cigarette, heart rate slows down.

In addition, it increases your blood pressure caused by smoking decreases.

Therefore, the risk of heart failure and blood clotting is reduced.

You can also notice that the extremities become warmer.

Stop smoking for better health

You breathe easier and move better

If you did not know, smoking in the blood collects carbon monoxide, and it is poisoned at high doses.

Eight hours after you stop smoking, the amount of monoxide decreases and is increasing the level of oxygen.

That makes it easier to breathe and also our muscles do not get tired so fast.

The heart works better

After a day without a cigarette, the heart better push blood because it has more oxygen, so it works better.

Taste and smell of food are more intense

Harmful substances in cigarettes ruin the endings of our nerves.

That is why we do not feel the taste and smell of food as before we started smoking.

Just two days after we stop smoking, the sense of taste and smell are coming back to normal.

At the same time, all the food is at once tasty.

If you stop smoking for two days don`t start again

After 2 days we can enter into the crisis because the body is working hard to solve all the bad things.

We become irritable and we feel a great need for cigarettes.

However, we just have to stay away from them now.

Drink plenty of water, walk in fresh air through the forest and also can help some snacks to replace the nicotine supplements.

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