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What Is Important To Know About Face Care!

What Is Important To Know About Face Care!

Every new decade you need to re-adjust your daily routine for your face care since your skin completely changes.

Even nowadays, there are ladies who are dedicating today for only one cream throughout their lives, even in their older age.

However, the skin changes year after year, and therefore you need to take face care in time.

You cannot just rely on your routine or genes.

You need to practice a smart routine that you will adapt to your skin again.

Face care is important for you

Face care at 20 years of age

By mid-20s, skin changes are almost invisible.

The only thing you’re bothered about is redness and also the appearance of small myths.

Since your 25th year, your skin begins to grow old (unfortunately) even that is still not visible for your eyes.

Cell renewal does not take place at the same rate as at the beginning of the 20s.

In addition, the level of skin moisture is starting to fall.

These things can leave their traces on your face:

Lack of sleep

– Unhealthy eating


– Also, alcohol

– Emotional stress

– Of course, improper UV rays

What your skin now needs is hydration that needs to be in all the products that you use.

Also, vitamin E and Aloe Vera give it back to its lost fresh look.

In addition, you should not go out on the sun without the minimum protection of at least SPF 20 in your daily protection.

This decade is marked by prevention, and your skin will thank you in the next decade.

Face care at 30 years of age

In this decade, you can pick up first wrinkles, lines around your eyes, and also around your mouth.

The reason is simple.

All the mistakes of your twenties are now visible.

Moreover, skin becomes thinner, skin fatigue, and elasticity are slowly decreasing.

The delivery of moisture and also nutrients are dropping.

In addition, if you have had the acne and pimples that you removed by pressing, you now see uneven complexion, scars, and depigmentation.

What your skin needs now is the power of antioxidants!

Powerful substances can fight aggressive free radicals in the skin that external factors cause such as:

UV radiation

– Air pollution

– Also, stress

You need to consume a higher dose of vitamin C in the morning and evening through your healthy eating.

However, that will only work in combination with UV protection because vitamin C gently exfoliates the skin.

In that way, you expose the sensitive new layers of skin with harmful radiation.

From March to October, you must put a natural protection with SPF 30, better with SPF 50, which should be the final step of your routine.

With vitamin C and protective factor, it is also time for daily creams that will protect your sensitive facial skin.

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