What Really Prevents Aging!


You cannot stop aging and also you can see the consequences on the skin before any other organ.

Lifespan is getting longer and people have somehow become obsessed to look younger longer time.

At the same time, the beauty industry is using that.

It is offering miraculous inventions and potential anti-aging medicines.

Unfortunately, that does not work always on that way.

The renowned dermatologist Dr. Anjali Mahto reveals what you really need to know about fighting with signs of aging.

Factors that are affecting aging

The first changes in the skin you can notice even in the late twenties and early thirties.

Dry skin, prominent bags under your eyes, sharper facial features, reduced elasticity and also the first wrinkles become increasingly noticeable.

This of conditions happens for several reasons, and, at the same time, most of them we cannot control.

These are DNA, cell damage, and also hormone changes.

We can influence external factors, such as exposure to UV radiation, pollution, smoking, and also nutrition.

Solutions that can counteract your look

You cannot find easy a product that can help you when it comes to the loss of elasticity.

These changes occur due to loss of fat and also bone under the skin.

In addition, that is something no one can escape as time passes.

Although there is no cream that can stop it, there are those that can reduce pigmentation, tiny lines and also wrinkles.

The most effective products are retinoids, antioxidants, natural medicine, and also sunscreens.


Sunscreen is a key to combating this unwanted condition.

However, you can rely on retinoids.

That is a group of compounds derived from vitamin A.

They are the only local factors that show anti-aging effects in scientific research.

Retinoids are also able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, reduce collagen loss and ease of pigmentation and have anti-aging properties.

They stimulate regeneration of skin cells and also stimulate collagen production.


Antioxidants block oxidation, damage caused by free radicals, generated by exposure to sunlight.

Those are the main causes of external condition of the skin.

There are numerous natural antioxidants that you can find in the natural form on the market.

However, be sure to trust:

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

– Resveratrol

Grape seeds

Green tea

– Edible burdock milk

Black coffee


Sunlight contains a mixture of several types of light, UVA (Ultraviolet A) and also UVB (Ultraviolet B).

These types of lights are responsible for skin-aging.

However, radiation of visible and infrared lights is believed to generate free radicals in skin cells.

They can also accelerate this process in your skin.

If you want to actively fight against this unwanted condition, apply natural sunscreen every day.

In the winter months, it is enough to use moisturizing creams and make-up with a protective factor.

However, the natural sunscreen is always a better option.

Guidance for lazy ones

Some people do not have all the time to nourish just the skin, so Dr. Mahto has designed a guide that can follow and lazy people.

The point is doing a minimum protection.

Therefore, you need to clean your face every morning and place a hydrating cream.

In addition, you can put an antioxidant serum and finally a natural sunscreen.

In the evening, you need to clean your skin again and apply retinoid.

Avoid wet wipes for cleaning, except in situations where you have no choice.

Cream for the area around eyes

Moisturizing cream is very important to maintain the elasticity and also the flexibility of the surface of the skin.

However, it will actually never completely prevent the under bags and sagging skin that comes as a result of years.

The skin around the eyes is more susceptible to sunlight damage.

While the natural creams for this area will partially repair small wrinkles, it is also crucial to wear a protective factor.

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