Home Diets When You Reheat Them, They Release Their Own Poison!
When You Reheat Them, They Release Their Own Poison!

When You Reheat Them, They Release Their Own Poison!

These 7 ingredients you do not reheat – you eat them exclusively freshly prepared or cold.

It is very common for you to have a little lunch or dinner yesterday.

As our parents have always taught us to never throw food, we also use them for meals next day.

However, you need to know that you cannot keep all the food in the fridge and later reheat them.

If you put on the heat again these ingredients they release their own poison.

In that way, they can become toxic!

Never reheat the following 7 foods

– 1. Spinach

Reheated spinach can easily poison you!

In addition, if you keep it at room temperature, poisonous bacteria develop very quickly.

To avoid vomiting or diarrhea, keep the spinach in the refrigerator and also seal the container.

Spinach is safe for use if you just cook it and eat it.

-2. Potato

If you cook potato and keep at room temperature, bacteria that cause food poisoning can develop very quickly.

In addition, it is best to cook and it potato or keep in the fridge and eat cold.

– 3. Garlic, celery, and beetroot

Garlic, celery, and beetroot can often be found in soups and also different meals.

Still, if you reheat them, they can also release toxins.

The cause for concern is the nitrate found in these foods.

It is especially dangerous if you put them on the heat several times.

In addition, it is best to heat up only the amount you will surely consume.

– 4. Eggs

Whether you cook or roast, you do not want to reheat any eggs.

As they are rich in proteins, heating again eggs can also alter their structure.

At the same time, they can cause serious problems with the digestive tract.

– 5. Chicken

Just like eggs, chicken is also very rich in protein.

If you put on heat again, it may happen that you get stomach pain, diarrhea, or vomiting.

If you really want to eat the remains, make sure that it is cooked just once.

Still, it might be safer for you to eat cold in salad or sandwich.

– 6. Oils and grease

Many oils oxidize very quickly, such as chestnut oil, walnut oil, grape seeds oil, and also avocado oil.

If you use them again to cook, you will create dangerous trans-fat.

More precisely, it would be best if you do not use any type of oils more often.

Better is to throw it away immediately after use.

– 7. Mushrooms

Proteins in mushrooms change their structure when you reheat them and can become very dangerous.

Also, it is advisable not to store the mushrooms at room temperature as it may drop the toxins.

You need to store them in the dry and cold place, as recommended.

It will be the best to consume the mushrooms immediately after preparation.

Also, do not to keep them for more than a day in the fridge.

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