Which Foods Are Full With Water!


In addition, to water and other beverages, there are certain foods rich in this essential liquid.

At the same time, it can be your excellent ally during the summer heat.

For instance, during the summer, you have high temperatures.

In order to make our body easier to handle summer heat, the key is also to hydrate yourself.

Therefore, the most important thing is to drink plain water.

In addition, every grown healthy person also need to drink about 8-10 glasses (1 glass = 2 dl) of this liquid per day.

Drink plenty of water

Also, if you are physically active, you need to add 1-3 glasses for each hour of activity.

At the same time, if you do not really like ordinary water, milk and also fresh fruit juices are a great option.

In other words, they also provide other nutrients with this liquid to the body.

That is because you also lose nutrients and liquid through sweating.

When we speak about juices, nutrients of fruits and also vegetables are faster absorbed in liquid form.

Moreover, your body will also start using them without delay.

In addition, if you have more than 65 years of age, do not rely solely on your feeling of thirst.

For instance, your organism at that age is likely to have a reduced thermoregulatory effect.

Therefore, elderly people also need to push themselves to drink this liquid.

However, some drinks and beverages you need to avoid during high temperatures.

Caffeine drinks and also alcoholic drinks act as diuretics, causing additional fluid loss.

Therefore, you need also to limit those drinks or you need to take them with additional amounts this essential liquid.

Except for this liquid and also other beverage, there are certain foods rich in water.

In other words, they can also be your excellent ally in hydration.

Fruits and vegetables with percentages of water

– 1. Green salad 95%

– 2. Watermelon 92%

– 3. Also, broccoli 91%

– 4. Grapefruit 91%

– 5. Carrots 87%

– 6. Apple 84%

– 7. Tomatoes 71%

– 8. Tuna (canned, without oil) 70%

– 9. Rice (boiled) 69%

– 10. Pasta (cooked) 66%

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