Why Vitamin B4 Is A Key Substance!

Vitamin B4

Vitamin B4 – Choline is one of the very important substances in the body, whose task is to process, dilute, and also transport fat molecules from the liver and other organs.

Without choline, there can be fat buildup in the liver and also obesity.

The human liver independently produces choline from amino acids, which are ingested through meat, eggs, and also cheese.

In addition, you need to know that daily need for choline is 3-4 grams a day.

People who are constantly under psychological stress need a double dose to preserve their brain and also the nervous system.

Science has shown that people with poor memory capacity and also high cholesterol generally have a choline deficiency.

You need to know about vitamin B4

Vitamin B4 and cholesterol

Choline itself is actually part of fatty substances and also lipoproteins, and especially cholesterol.

Lipoproteins are fat molecules that are also found in the protein sheath.

Only in this form can they be transmitted through blood; otherwise, the undissolved fat would also be retained on the walls of the blood vessels.

Along with other substances, choline also feeds 70 billion cells in the body.

When it is not enough, cholesterol begins to circulate through the blood, and its level also slowly begins to rise, down to a dangerous level.

Without choline, cells cannot absorb it, and they need it because cholesterol is also a part of the protective membrane of cells.

The protective membranes of the brain and nerve cells are also oily.

Vitamin B4 and also substances like vitamin C are key to maintaining their normal structure.

Without this vitamin, cholesterol oxidizes and, together with protein depletion, forms a tampon, which also makes nutrients difficult to penetrate into brain cells.

Hungry and also exhausted, cells die.

Not only that – microchannels are blocked in this situation, which interferes with thoughts, feelings, and also other brain signals.

Then the person suddenly is not unable to speak his thought and also feels psychic fatigue.

 In addition, that person can be forgetful, depressed, and also despite the fatigue he suffers from insomnia.

Vitamin B4 – brain and also nerve cells

In the process of metabolism, the so-called cholinergic fibers produce a neurotransmitter (a substance that transmits nerve impulses) acetylcholine.

When a person needs to concentrate, the accumulated choline is converted to acetylcholine, which also activates the brain.

However, this process cannot be done if there is not enough choline, and this condition is typical of people who are forgetful and also prone to depression.

Due to vitamin B4 deficiency, entire colonies of cholinergic neurons die, which can lead to Alzheimer’s disease and also complete memory loss.

The first signs of choline deficiency:

– Forgetfulness, and also inability to concentrate

– Depression, and also fear

– Irritability

– Also, insomnia

– Cardiac arrhythmia

– Also, circulatory disorder

– Headaches

– Also, tinnitus

– Constipation

Until recently, scientists have started from the fact that nerve cells in the brain of an adult, who die as a result of malnutrition, are also not renewed.

The latest research gives hope to people suffering from attention deficit and also impaired memory.

How can help vitamin B4

Vitamin-rich foods containing large amounts of vitamin B4 and also other bioactive substances can restore damaged nervous system systems.

At the same time, it is advised to practice exercises that increase concentration and also attention, such as chess, learning …

Recent scientific studies also confirm that thanks to a complete diet rich in this vitamin can treat even irreversible memory loss.

Vegans who do not consume eggs, milk, and also dairy products can most easily start to suffer from choline deficiency, especially if they are often exposed to stress.

The role of vitamin B4 in mental health care

Another important feature of choline is its ability to help nervous and also mentally ill people.

In addition, with choline deficiency, there is a mass death of so-called cholinergic neurons.

At the same time, plaques are formed – cholesterol and also protein deposits.

The first signals are forgetting and also visual absence.

Choline molecules also participate in the functioning of the nervous system as a substance responsible for calming and relaxing.

In that way, it slows the heart and also thyroid gland, but stimulates digestion and bowel function.

Also, it is considered one of the best natural sedatives.

Choline can also be formed in the intestines, thanks to the proteins methionine and serine, vitamin B12, and also folic acid.

These two key proteins you can find in healthy foods such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and also cheese.

Vitamin B12 you can find in the liver, fatty meat, fish, and also dairy products.

Most folic acid is found in lettuce and also brewer’s yeast.

At the same time, complete choline you can find in the liver, egg yolks, brewer’s yeast, and also wheat germ.

Due to the lack of choline, as early as the forties, symptoms of senility and also the onset of decay of the psyche may occur.

These are initially manifested through absence and also forgetfulness.

Without choline, the following processes cannot be accomplished:

– The absorption of fat

– Normal functioning of the liver and also gallbladder

– Natural cholesterol-lowering

– Also, focusing

– Stimulation of cardiac activity

– Also, the stability of the nervous system

– Prevention of aging

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