Home Health Why We Should Ditch a Flu Vaccine and Do This Instead
Why We Should Ditch a Flu Vaccine and Do This Instead

Why We Should Ditch a Flu Vaccine and Do This Instead


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Every year you can see and you are bombarded with slogans and posters to get a flu vaccine.

You are witnesses of a psychological powerful attack with a title “A Flu Vaccine is the best protection from the flu!”.

Normally you will come to a conclusion – Common flu is one of the most dangerous things in our world and thus, the only way to prevent that is a flu vaccine.

But wait! You know that a flu vaccine has been proved to be toxic and ineffective for animals and humans.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave a list of following substances which are found in a flu vaccine: antibiotics, aluminum, formaldehyde, egg protein, thiomersal, monosodium glutamate, and dead human tissue.

A flu vaccine is directly linked to long-term consequences. In 2005 British Medical Journal – BMJ online published a report by Doshi Peter Ph.D. who claim that 36.000 people are dying every year from the flu.

After very careful analysis Doshi peter revealed.

Some people believe that a flu season is coming so if they are with a weaker immune system should get a flu vaccine.

A flu vaccine – get rid of that and strengthen your immune system naturally

You can see the best natural things and strengthen your immune system on the list below.

Cod liver oil (NOT for VEGAN)

From all super foods that you can find Cold liver oil is definitely the best one and is on the top of all.

Cold liver oil is rich with fat-soluble vitamins which are supporting our immune system and fatty acids like DHA and EPA which reduce inflammation.

EPA is the precursor of very important prostaglandins.

Prostaglandins are localized tissue hormones which help our body to fight inflammation.

Cold liver oil has more vitamin D and vitamin A than any other ingredients.

Virtually there are no infectious diseases which are not responding well with consists treatment of cold liver oil.


Garlic is powerful and well known through history as a natural remedy and fighter against viruses and bacteria.

Garlic is stimulating the activity of your immune system cells which are destroying cold and flu viruses.

Ingredient Allicin is one of those immune stimulating nutrients which is helping.


Onion with Quercetin (which is breaking up mucus in head and chest and is boosting immune system) and Allicin (which is slowing down and killing a variety of bacteria and viruses) is also a powerful prevention and fighter against cold and flu.


Thyme has amazing antiseptic, antibiotic, fungicidal, bactericidal and antiviral properties and is a great natural remedy during flu and cold season.

You also eliminate toxins from your body.


Turmeric is a powerful spice and you can add to your meals.

The secret of turmeric is ingredient Curcumin which is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


You can read more about Ginger on our page for this miracle ingredient.

Just to say that Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University – Japan, with his proved that ginger has the ability for preventing and treating flu infections.

Honey mix Cinnamon (NOT for VEGAN)

Mix 1 tbsp of lukewarm honey with ¼ tbsp of cinnamon powder and consume 3 days in a raw.

This will help you to prevent and cure cold, chronic cough and clear the sinuses.

Source: healthfree.com



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