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Wi-Fi! A Silent Killer That Kills Us Slowly

Wi-Fi! A Silent Killer That Kills Us Slowly


Wi-Fi – wireless networks in this worlds where we are living, are providing to us connections to a lot of devices and we don`t have anymore those boring cables.

Nowadays Wi-Fi is all around us and helps us to connect and stay up with the news in the world and connect with our friends.

They are convenient for the new mobile phones and all companies who make them give the specific instructions for using the services which they offer, to make safe us and don`t damage our health.

However, it`s not as bright as it seems.

They care about profit and in the meantime Wi-Fi is killing us slowly without any warning.

Wi-Fi – invisible killer in modern world

Our wireless devices, tablets and mobile phones use a router to connect online.

A router emits WLAN signals – electromagnetic waves and radiation in the low level of gigahertz frequency that can make and cause a lot of damages.

You can have migraines, sleep disturbances, heart palpitations and general poor health in the same time.

They send signals – dangerous electromagnetic radiation through walls to our computer.

If you have Wi-Fi modem or wireless internet router in your office or home you are receiving an extensive EMF exposure, and you are working or living in a dangerous soup of radiation.

A research and study by the British Health Agency has proven that a router is interfering with the growth of plants and people.

Another scientific EMF studies discover that prolonged exposure to cable devices or wireless DSL cause tumors, memory loss and other brain damages.

We are ignoring this fact because many of us practically have no knowledge of that.

How the time is passing these signals are harming our bodies.

Consequences of Wi-Fi exposure:

– Helps to the development of insomnia

Sleep issues

– Damaging to childhood development

Frequent and strong headaches

– Affects cell growth

– Lack of concentration

– Derails brain function

– Neutralizes sperm

– May impact fertility

– Pain in the ears

Provokes cardiac stress

– Chronic fatigue

– Linked to cancer

How to protect children and us from Wi-Fi – electromagnetic waves?

– Don`t keep a router in your bedroom or kitchen

– Put cable phones in your home instead of wireless phones

– You can turn off your router if you don`t use

– Disconnect all Wi-Fi programs and a router before your bedtime.

Source: www.safespaceprotection.com


  1. Hmm.. I am skeptical at the best of times but with no link to scientific studies which must be there if this information is at all true, so I don’t believe that this problem is as bad as being made out. The power levels are so low that it is unlikely to be that harmful. I have worked in the telecoms & IT industry for 25 years. I have been near some pretty high power radio signal devices and … touch wood. I am still today at 42.


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