Wild Garlic Is The Best Spring Detox!

Wild Garlic

Wild garlic is one of the powerful self-growing plants that after cold and long winter with lightning speed restores the body and also cleans the body from head to toe.

People also know this plant as ramsons, wood garlic, bear`s garlic, bear leek, broad-leaved garlic, and buckrams.

Wild garlic contains plenty of essential oils, valuable minerals, salt, sugar, vitamin C, carotene, proteins, fats, and also alicin.

In addition, if you squeeze any part of the plant between your fingers, you will also feel the characteristic odor of the garlic.

However, when you bite a leaf, its main ingredient under the influence of oxygen is converted to allicin.

Allicin helps the cardiovascular system and also helps the blood vessels remain young and elastic.

At the same time, also prevents blood to stay on the walls in blood vessels.

In addition to cleansing toxins, it has antibacterial and also antiviral activity.

Nutritionists say that only 1 gram of this plant is enough daily to stimulate circulation and also that your blood normally flows through the veins!

Hematomas and slow-to-heal wounds are rapidly healing if you lubricate them with the fresh juice of wild garlic.

In addition, the bath with its leaves soothes irritated skin, eczema, and also dermatitis.

Wild garlic in the kitchen

From it, you can prepare salads, soups, sauces, or use it as a spice for cheese and also other products.

In addition, you can find wild garlic on the market available in a raw form, and also in health food stores, you can buy this nutritional product.

It is best to eat it fresh and also in a raw form but it is not recommended to dry it because it loses its medical properties.

In addition, this plant is the most delicious if it is finely chopped and also sliced ​​with a green salad and potato salad.

The leaves you need to wash well under the water and also use about 70 grams of this plant.

Cut the potatoes, fry them and also put them in cold chilled water to cook for about 20 minutes.

In a small bowl, you can also make a salad dressing:

Put in a bowl, sea salt, sugar, and also pour with 100 ml of water.

Also, add apple cider vinegar and oil and mix it.

Place potatoes in a serving bowl, add 70 grams of wild garlic, pour with a salad dressing and also mix well.

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