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You Will Be Surprised From Various Wormwood Health Benefits!

You Will Be Surprised From Various Wormwood Health Benefits!

I am sure that until now you have heard about wormwood and also about wormwood health benefits.

However, in this article, I will represent to you 20 wormwood health benefits that you can use for your health.

Wormwood health benefits

-1. Wormwood tea

The tea is the first on the list of wormwood health benefits.

One teaspoon of wormwood you need to mix with 2 dl of boiling water.

Cover and let it stand aside for 15 minutes.

Strain and drink one to three cups throughout the day.

You need to drink in small sips, after meals, not longer than seven days.

After this treatment, you need to make a seven-day pause interval.

This treatment you can repeat several times.

It is useful for all of these diseases and problems that you can read in our page about “wormwood”.

Sebastian Kneipp praises wormwood tea or homemade wine from wormwood as a medicine, especially for the sick liver and against jaundice.

Tea or wine at the same time cleanses and strengthens.

With tea, you can drink and alcoholic extract of wormwood, 8-10 drops on a sugar cube 1-3 times a day.

-2. For washing eyes and ears

Tea made from wormwood is suitable as water for your eyes.

Fresh wormwood juice you can mix with a little honey and put over the eyes to improves vision.

If you add to wormwood an equal amount of lemon balm it stimulates the nerves and brain.

In addition, if you wash your eyes with the wormwood tea 2-3 times a day it strengthens vision.

The steam from wormwood let will help celiac and painful ear and can also calm a toothache.

-3. Wormwood homemade wine

Wormwood homemade wine is also one of the useful wormwood health benefits.

For the preparation of this wine, you need 20 grams of wormwood for one liter of white wine.

You can use wormwood exclusively just in white wine.

Let it stand in the wine and take out wormwood when you get the desired bitterness, then strain.

Always give priority to wormwood homemade wine because other wines from the market usually are made from sour or cut wines, and they usually causes a headache.

When you use at your home right, good, and natural wine, you will truly get a medicinal drink.

-4. Black wormwood wine

Black wormwood wine is useful in all kinds of diseases of the stomach, gastric acid deficiency, and flatulence.

Put 15-20 grams per liter of wormwood in good red wine.

Leave 10 days, with daily shaking, and then strain.

You can consume a small glass before breakfast.

You can also make this remedy in another way.

Cut into small pieces 3 tablespoons of wormwood leaves and flowering tops and put in a glass bottle.

Pour one liter of red or white wine and 150-200 grams of honey.

Seal the bottle and let it stand for 8 days, during which occasionally you need to shake the liquid.

Then you need to strain the wine in a dark bottle.

Drink one cup a day, in the morning on an empty stomach, about 30 minutes before breakfast.

-5. First aid for poisoning

As a first aid for intoxication from mushrooms is very good wormwood cooked in vinegar.

As a first aid for intoxication from black henbane or hemlock (conium maculatum) poisoning you need immediately drink a mixture that is abundant with wormwood and cinnamon cooked in wine.

If you do not have a wine you can boil them in fresh water.

This drink is also very healing and at the poisoning with meat.

-6. Wormwood wrap

Wormwood wrap is one of the most useful on the list of wormwood health benefits.

Put a lot of wormwood in brandy and let it stand overnight.

Then soak a warm cloth and place in the womb – it is a recipe against the worm, but you need to repeat this process often.

In the case of a hernia, you need to place this remedy like a bag with very warm wormwood wine.

-7. Wormwood brandy for massage

Wormwood soaked in brandy gives a useful means of massaging the painful stomach, stomach cramps or painful burping.

After massaging, place on the sore spot heated wool fabric cloth.

You can also cook wormwood in vinegar.

Soak gauze in the mixture, gently squeeze it and put on the stomach.

This coating eliminates the headaches caused by colds.

-8. Wormwood syrup

For wormwood syrup, you need to mix 2 parts of finely chopped leaves of wormwood with 2 parts of alcohol (20% alcohol) and 8 parts of water and leave it for 24 hours in a warm place, with frequent shaking.

After 24 hours you can strain the mixture.

The rest of wormwood once again mixed with 1 part alcohol and 4 parts water.

After the 24 hour standing in a warm place, you can strain the mixture.

Those tinctures you need to mix and add sugar (a quarter of the quantity of tincture).

Cook all together until syrup is not ready.

Take daily 25-30 drops – against the scrofula, rheumatism, scurvy, and fever.

-9. Tincture for the stomach

Prepare 10 grams of herb wormwood, 4 grams of finely crushed calamus (palm), 4 grams of finely chopped root gentian and 4 grams of chopped peel of oranges.

All those ingredients you need to put in 200 grams of strong brandy, leave it for 8 days and strain.

You can consume the tincture when you have the difficulties in the stomach.

15 to 20 drops, with the same amount drops of water you need to drink 2-4 times a day.

-10. Another version of Wormwood tincture

Put 50 grams of wormwood flowers for 24 hours in a half a liter of brandy, and strain the mixture.

You can take 30 to 60 drops a day or one teaspoon of tincture twice a day, before meals.

Also, this is useful against pains and nausea in the stomach and intestinal tract.

In addition, against burping, take 10 to 15 drops of tincture in a little warm water twice a day.

-11. Against tapeworm infection

For cleaning of tapeworm infection you need to drink half a cup of wormwood tea in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before sleeping, during 5-6 days.

-12. Against liver disease and stomach

Against diseases of the liver and stomach is good to take a powder of pure wormwood leaves and flowers.

Take a pinch of wormwood powder in a little water, milk, wine, in soup or stew, for lunch and dinner.

At anemic people, it enhances the secretion of bodily juices so renews blood.

-13. Wine for the period

You can also prepare a wormwood wine, which strengthens and improves the period.

Put 30 grams of wormwood leaves or flower for 24 hours in 60 milliliters of white wine.

Then add 1 liter of white wine and leave to stand for 10 days, with frequent shaking.

Then strain and drink three times a day 1 to 2 teaspoons in water or beer.

You need to consume it before meals, during two or at most three weeks.

-14. Wormwood honey

Wormwood honey people use for strengthening the blood and encouraging appetite.

One teaspoon of wormwood powder you need to stir with 200 grams of honey.

Take 3 to 4 weeks one teaspoon of honey in the morning on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before breakfast.

-15. For appetite and asthma

To strengthen the appetite take one teaspoon of chopped young wormwood leaves mixed with honey every day for three weeks.

Against asthma, you should drink a glass of wine (0.5 ounces) with boiled wormwood on an empty stomach.

-16. Against the freckles and scabs on face

You need to crush fresh wormwood leaves, put in water, cover and strain after 24 hours.

You can wash 3-4 times a day with that water and freckles and scabs will disappear on your face.

-17. Wormwood milk

To relieve digestive problems put one teaspoon of wormwood with 2.5 dl of hot milk.

Cover and let it stand for 5 minutes, then strain.

Milk drink once a day, in the morning on an empty stomach, about 30 minutes before breakfast.

-18. Wormwood brandy

Wormwood brandy, you can make when you put 20 to 25 grams of wormwood leaves in a liter of 45 grades grape brandy.

Let it stand until you get the desired bitterness.

Then strain and drink 0.3 deciliters before meals.

This brandy you can also use for massage if you have pain and stomach cramps or pain with burping.

-19. For problems with the gall bladder, spleen, and kidney stones

Grind one teaspoon of wormwood, one teaspoon of dandelion, one tablespoon of mint and one tablespoon of yarrow.

Put all the ingredients in a glass jar, and pour one liter of white wine.

Seal, let it stand for 8 days with occasionally shaking and then strain the wine.

Take one tablespoon of wine 3 to 4 times a day about 30 minutes before eating.

-20. Wormwood cream against painful bones and joints and skin diseases

Wormwood cream is also one of the wormwood health benefits.

Make 1 tablespoon of wormwood powder from leaves and flowers of wormwood.

Mix the powder in 200 grams of unsalted pork grease and lubricate diseased parts of the body every day several times.

Now you know much more about wormwood health benefits that you can use for your health.


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