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With DASH Diet You Lose Weight And Treat Heart!

With DASH Diet You Lose Weight And Treat Heart!

The doctors who design DASH diet recommend it because, besides weight loss, you can also repair heart health, prevent cancer, and kidney stones.

For seven years in a row, DASH diet they claim as the best healthy diet!

Therefore, if you are currently looking for the best diet after extensive meals during New Year’s and Christmas holidays, perhaps the right solution for you this diet.

What is DASH diet?

It is a nutrition regime based on vegetables, whole grain cereals, and also low-calorie dairy products.

Otherwise, this diet is specially designed for people suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes and is a great choice for all those who decided to go to healthy nutrition.

Researchers have concluded that this diet loses kilos because it is a balanced diet – said Angela Haupt – US News and World Report.

This diet regime on the menu requires plenty of fruits and also vegetables.

At the same time, it completely excludes salty foods and red meat.

The focus is on whole grain cereals, raw meat, fish, and chicken, and nuts and beans are also welcome.

The point, in fact, is rich in fiber foods, which lowers cholesterol and accelerates weight loss.

DASH diet was created in 2009 with the support of the US National Institute of Health.

Already at the beginning, it has proven to be very effective in patients with hypertension.

 Through a number of studies, it has been established that this diet regimen reduces the risk of:


– Heart disease

Kidney stones

– Several types of cancer

The doctors also recommend this diet as a family diet.

They recommend this diet as a regime that people need to adopt.

That is because foods that make DASH diet provide all the nutrients necessary for health.

In fact, Dais diet is the ideal way to be slim, strong, and also healthy!

Source: www.mayoclinic.org



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