With The Help Of These 2 Yoga Exercises, Many Quit Smoking!

Quit Smoking

With these 2 yoga exercises, you will immediately notice that the desire for cigarettes disappears and you can also quit smoking.

You can make it easy with a couple of exercises and a long-lasting cigarette removal process.

You do not need any preparations.

Moreover, you only need mental strength to quit smoking.

Quit smoking with yoga exercises

These yoga exercises are inspired by the law or breathing technique used in this discipline.

It is about inhaling and exhaling – from the stomach.

This way of breathing also develops and trains the pathways.

In addition, that means that you can cleanse them from the toxins that are eventually inside breathing pathways.

Also, the best thing is that you do not need any special preparation for exercising.

These yoga exercises are very light and also easy.

It is best to repeat them in the morning and during the day and also in the moments when you feel a great desire for nicotine.

In addition, you will immediately notice that the desire for cigarettes disappears and you can slowly quit smoking.

First exercise

Every time you want to light a cigarette, try to leave the closed space and use the time to be in the fresh air.

Stand upright and also make sure to relax any part of the body.

Then, take a deep breath and hold your breath for a few seconds.

Now exhaling gradually and also retains your breath for a few seconds.

The exercise needs to be repeated ten times.

Note: In the beginning, you may also experience mild dizziness after several exercises.

Do not worry, it is related to oxygen saturation.

Second exercise

In moments when you have a burning desire to light a cigarette, you need to breathe air slowly through your nose.

Then exhale it out a little faster.

At the beginning of your practice, do your work slowly, and then accelerate the tempo.

The breathing exercise consists of thirty inhales and exhales, followed by breaks, and the number of repetitions is five.

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