Woman Add This Spice In Apples Juice To Lose Weight!

Lose Weight

In the past months, is rolling around the internet the apple juice diet and people lose weight with this healthy diet.

This apple juice diet you can also practice just you need to by adding two ingredients.

Many people are doing this weight loss treatment and, at the same time, they are happy for their success and with the result.

However, one woman decides to publicly disclose her experience.

At the same time, she corrects recipe she uses because she starts to lose weight drastically for the last month!

Most of her clothes are big now and also she is happy with that.

She reveals the recipe how to lose weight and gave us the right ingredients:

Recipe to lose weight

Ingredients that you need for this recipe are:

– 240 ml of boiled water

– Ground chili peppers

– 1 tablespoon of apple juice

– 1 tablespoon of the lemon juice

– Also 1 one lemon bark

How to prepare this recipe and lose weight:

The first thing that you need to do is to peel the lemon and pour with boiled water.

After 10 minutes you need to add apple juice, lemon juice, and also chili peppers.

Also, when you consume this healthy recipe to lose weight, before each sip you need to mix it.

How does this drink work?

It is well known and scientifically proven that hot chili peppers accelerate metabolism.

In that way, they stimulate fat burning in the body.

Because of the capsaicin contained, chili peppers also stimulate the nervous system to heat the body, affecting the process of burning calories.

The polycosanol from lemon bark helps to burn the fats.

In addition, the properties of lemon juice on metabolism are known.

At the same time, the apple juice helps to break down the fat in the body.

Share this healthy weight loss recipe with your friends and also family members.

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