Why Women Need To Eat Apples!


Women that regularly eat apples had a stronger libido and were more satisfied with sex.

Apple has epithet that is very healthy fruit.

In addition, apples are excellent for digestion and are first on the list when it comes to suppressing appetite.

Nowadays, apples have gained another title!

They are a female libido enhancer and an aphrodisiac!

Such a conclusion came from an Italian study, by which scientists observed 730 healthy women, aged 18 to 43 years of age.

They analyzed their satisfaction with sexual life as well as eating habits.

The respondents are divided into two groups.

In one group were women that were eating at least one apple daily, sometimes more.

In the other group were women that were consuming apple only occasionally.

Women who regularly were eating apple had a stronger libido and were more satisfied with sex.

Scientists assume that the main cause of this condition is flavonoids in apple.

They simultaneously act as a lubricant and also as a “trigger” of circulation, in a similar way as a female hormone estradiol.

This creates technical preconditions for more pleasure in sex and easier orgasm.

In addition, as a consequence, woman wants more and more often to “make love”.

We can name apples as a female aphrodisiac – conclude scientists who advise members of the gentle pole to eat at least one daily.

Anyway, except that apples are a female aphrodisiac, you need to know and other important health benefits of this fruit.

Health benefits of apples:

– You will have healthier and also whiter teeth

– Eating apples can prevent Alzheimer`s disease

– This fruit also protect against Parkinson`s disease

– Apple can prevent and also reduce the risk of cancer

– Decrease the risk of diabetes

– This fruit can also reduce cholesterol

– You will have a healthier heart

– Also, can prevent gallstone

– Treat anemia

– This fruit can beat constipation and diarrhea

– It will neutralize the irritable bowel syndrome

– Also, it can prevent hemorrhoids

– It makes easier to control weight

– Detoxify the liver

– Boost the immune system

– Prevent cataracts

– It helps in weight loss treatments

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