Wonderful Beet Kvass! It Cleans Liver, Intestines, Toxic Kidneys, And Treat High Pressure!

Beet Kvass

Beet kvass is a very useful fermented drink because it contains components that activate the kidneys, intestines, and also liver.

This traditional Russian recipe is obtained by fermentation of beetroot.

Some medical research has also shown that drinking beet kvass can prevent the growth of malignant cells.

In addition, it cleanses the toxin and harmful compounds, as well as intestines.

Russian traditional medicine claims that beet kvass is the best alternative to treating hypertension and atherosclerosis.

Is also excellent natural drink for liver cleansing after chemotherapy.

Beet kvass recipe

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 700 grams of freshly peeled beetroot

– 200 grams of raw and also organic honey

– 100 grams of grapes

– 2 tablespoons of flour or 2 slices of old rye bread or black bread

– 1 glass jar – 3-liter capacity

Preparation of the beet kvass:

Cut peeled beetroot into cubes or thin slices and fill the jar with it.

Add grapes, flour, and honey.

Fill the glass jar with cold water (previously prepared) and also cover with gauze to pass the air.

Let it stand in a warm place for 6-7 days to initiate the fermentation process.

Stir the content into the jar 2 times a day and, also, if necessary, collect and remove the foam.

Strain the mixture through the gauze after seven days.

Move the liquid into a glass dish and throw the rest of the mixture.

Keep the beet kvass in the fridge.

How to consume:

Take 3 to 4 tablespoons of liquid three times a day, before eating.

When you finish with treatment, make a 3-month break.

Repeat the same treatment once more and also make another 3-month break.

The liver will be perfectly clean after only a year.

You can have a mild condition of diarrhea but it is quite normal because you are cleansing the body.

This method is also practiced by doctors in some hospitals in Kiev and Luhansk.

With this treatment, you will clean the overall organism.

It is also an excellent remedy for hypertension and atherosclerosis.


Beet kvass is not recommended for people with diseased kidneys and gastrointestinal tract problems in the acute phase of gout.

In addition, you can get a doctor’s advice if you have low blood pressure.

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