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Wonderful Carob! What Can Treat This Spice With The Taste Of The Finest Chocolate!

Wonderful Carob! What Can Treat This Spice With The Taste Of The Finest Chocolate!

The magnificent Carob tree, originating from Syria, is well-suited to the rocky and limestone lands of the warm climatic regions.

It is now also widely spread in the Mediterranean region and is appreciated by different peoples.

This wonderful plant was used as a remedy in ancient Egypt for treatment of diarrhea and other illnesses.

With a characteristic sweet taste, it has an application in different areas.

Numerous studies have confirmed its use in traditional medicine.

Carob is your wonderful natural remedy

Healthy fruits

Evergreen wood, typical of the Mediterranean, has a very long history of belonging to protected species.

It can reach a height of 5 to 7 meters.

It is also characterized by large leaves, dark green color.

Of course, its fruits are the most valuable, which are called the legumes.

It`s similar to the legumes (beans), only slightly larger, elongated, and also flattened form).

From the beginning they are green, but later, they get browned in color.

The opening of the carob is in the phase of its excellent maturity.

Legumes contain edible seeds that taste reminiscent of chocolate.

It is precisely because of this that it can partially satisfy the need for sweets, without overcutting with calories.

Carob for health – a treasure of nutrients

Most of the active ingredients are present in meshed walls that are separating seed from the legumes.

It contains 7% protein, 35% starch, and also 40% sugar (especially sucrose and glucose),

In addition, contains fiber, mineral salts, tannins, and fats in smaller proportions.

Also, this wonderful plant contains trace elements calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and silicon that are also required.

By its composition, the rogue is rich in carbohydrates.

It is also a natural source of antioxidants, with particular reference to flavonoids.

The science studies their actions in terms of cancer prevention and the ability to obtain medical attributes.

The beneficial effects of this plant are mainly related to its content of vitamins and minerals.

This plant is a very rich source of protein but also of vitamin E and vitamin K.

Carob powder as a remedy – a healthy substitute for cocoa and chocolate

The powder from this plant is also an alternative to cocoa.

Its fragrant note is an unbeatable choice when it comes to sweets.

In fact, it is an excellent option for all those who are allergic or intolerant to sweets.

Use it in the same ratio to replace cocoa powder in the recipe.

To obtain powder you need to use the fruits of this plant.

You need to dry, roast, and then grind to the particle size.

As a healthy food is rich in natural sugars and carbohydrates.

This powder also contains vitamin A, vitamin B, magnesium, and potassium.

The uses of powder application are multiple.

You can use it when is the season for all types of sweet foods (sweet cream, juices, jams, and ice cream).

Indeed, people who do not like too sweet have the opportunity to use powder of this plane as a mild substitute for honey or brown sugar.

Also, you can use it when preparing hot drinks, instead of coffee.

This is especially important for those who do not consume such foods (due to the caffeine content).

However, remember the following, keep it in a dry, light-protected place in a well-sealed glass jar.

Health Benefits – Carob as a remedy

If you appreciate the gifts of Mother Nature, you will also recognize the medicinal properties of this wonderful plant.

That is particularly because this plant makes miracles for our body.

In traditional, folk medicine, this plant was always used as a remedy for intestines (for children or adults).

However, we can also state the following advantages:

Regulation of digestion

Due to the high content of fiber, a powder of this plant has a regulative function of intestinal mobility.

It relaxes the intestines, alleviates painful contraction, and also promotes proper peristalsis.

Regulates transit through intestines and soothes painful contractions such as diarrhea, constipation, and also cramps.

Nutritionists also recommend it as an aid to adults and children in the case of diarrhea and watery stool (risk of continual loss of minerals and nutrients).

For the treatment of intestines dysfunction in adults, use the minimum dosage of 2 grams of powder every two hours during the day.

You need to dissolve it in milk, tea, or hot water.

Against diarrhea, this wonderful plant has a triple action:

– Absorbs large amounts of fluid

– Stimulates peristalsis

– Eliminates painful contractions

Protection of the mucous membrane

Thanks to pectin, the protection of the intestinal mucous membrane are ensured.

It helps to reduce triglycerides and bad cholesterol

This has been confirmed by numerous researchers that point this plant as a remedy.

Actual influence on the level of cholesterol (significant reduction) is due to the presence of polyphenols that are inside this plant.

Makes sense of satiety

It’s a great addition to the weight loss regime.

Scientific research has shown that this herbal plant allows solving problems related to excess kilograms.

It`s creating a sense of satiety (thanks to the presence of tannins).

It is precisely because of this that it is a good weight-loss ally.

In addition, it has the ability to reduce the discharge rate of the stomach and thus extend the feeling of satiety.

The rich nutrients can prevent any disadvantages that may accompany the weight-loss regime itself.

Common therapeutic indications

This natural remedy is especially recommended for:

– Irritation of colon

– Persistent vomiting

– Heartburn

– Excessive fat in the stool


– Anemia

Precautions when using carob and dosing

Although the daily consumption of this plant does not cause any undesirable effects, it is necessary to respect the recommended doses.

Compliance with the recommended daily dose is also of crucial importance for the use of all health benefits.

Contact your doctor before you begin using a powder of this plant as a remedy.

As for diabetic, anemic, and also those suffering from kidney disease, medical surveillance is mandatory in order to avoid possible complications.

For treatment of digestive system disorders, adults can consume just 30 grams within 24 hours.

As we mentioned above dissolve the powder in milk, tea, or hot water.

Drink at any time of the day, at a minimum amount of 2 grams every two hours.

However, for children, this dose needs to be reduced to 10 grams per day.

Although allergic reactions are rare, contact your doctor for pre-use or if you have a rash.

That is advisable, especially if you have been using it for long-term.

Infants, as well as people with a metabolic disorder or, are also allergic to one of its components can have contradictions by using this plant.

For everyday uses

This wonderful plant, people often classify in a category of forgotten plants.

The powder is certainly a healthy alternative to certain types of foods.

However, a carob as a remedy, in its recommended daily doses, contributes to total health.

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