Wormwood! The Natural Solution To Women’s Problems!


This herb – Wormwood is in our language a synonym for bitterness and with a combination of many other medicinal properties is among the most medicinal herbs.

Wormwood is named after the Greek goddess Artemis.

People were believed that this Greek goddess was made easier women labor pains with this herb.

The ancient Greeks respected wormwood.

The Olympic winners have got to drink wine in which was immersed wormwood.

This herb is their symbol of health and vitality.

The Romans put him in sandals because they believed that he cares for the foot.

Since ancient time people know that this herb helps with women’s problems.

Therefore, nutritionists recommend this herb for the sick, but not heavy menstruation, because it enhances hemorrhage.

Wormwood is a balm for all women

In addition to relieving pain, this herb helps with irregular periods and menopause symptoms.

Bitter substances of this herb stimulate appetite and help people who suffer from gastritis and lack of gastric acid.

At the same time, is not practical for people who have an ulcer.

It is very effective in food poisoning, intestinal parasites and also successfully helps to regenerate the liver.

It is interesting that with this bitter leaf can save your pet from fleas.

You need to crush fresh leaves of this herb between your fingers and pour warm apple cider vinegar.

When the liquid is cold dilute with water and spray the pet.

People do not recommend this herb for pregnant women because it can cause contractions.

Also, it`s not good for nursing mothers and people who are prone to internal bleeding.

If you have the problem of irregular periods make a mixture of 100 grams of wormwood, 100 grams of sage, and 100 grams of parsley.

Four tablespoons of this mixture pour with half a liter of water, cover and let stand for half an hour.

You need to drink this tea seven days before your period and stop consumption when you get a period.

About the health benefits and treatments of this herb, you will find in our article about wormwood.

Hope that this article will help to a lot of women all around the world.

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