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Yeast! The First Domesticated Living Creature Of Mankind And Essential For Our Life! Must Read This!

Yeast! The First Domesticated Living Creature Of Mankind And Essential For Our Life! Must Read This!


Yeast is a single-celled fungus, actually consists of unicellular fungi.

These microscopic organisms can be millions or billions, fit into one teaspoon.

This is the first domesticated living creature in the history of mankind.

Until now, the nature of existence registered more than 1,000 different species of wild yeasts.

Yeast is the biggest natural gift to mankind

Natural yeast can be found all around us.

In the air we breathe, the leaves and fruits of plants, trees with bark, etc.

Each of us has observed icy white cover on the fruits of the grapes, but hardly anyone thought that this may be a natural microorganism.

Juniper berries are covered with this natural microorganism.

These berries are our ancestors used as a natural “starter” for making the bread yeast.

Different types of this natural microorganism have different tastes.

Some are very acidic, some moderately acidic, and some are not even a little bit sour.

By the nineteenth century, this natural microorganism was the only known yeast on the planet.

Louis Pasteur had been discovered at 1857 that the dough is growing thanks to the fact of this natural microorganism.

Thus, in 1850 in France has begun commercial production of this natural microorganism.

Dry yeast originated in the USA laboratories nearly a century later, during the World War II.

They were used by the military kitchens in all circumstances since it did not require cooling.

And then in 1984, also born in America is the rapid yeast powder.

So that was created nutritional microorganism, which we use for making bread, biscuits, beer.

Its extracts are also used to improve the taste of sauces, snacks, etc.

Although this natural microorganism has much more powerful medicinal properties, the modern yeast should not be underestimated.

The healing properties of yeast

Today’s this natural microorganism (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is a plentiful source of protein, vitamins, enzymes and other important matters.

It is characteristic pleasant and not sour or bitter taste.

With drying this natural microorganism, we can get a dry yeast (Faex siccata), which has a lower boiling power.

Yeast is one of the most effective means to combat deficiency disease.

Commonly is used for the treatment of various skin diseases, because it is a rich source of vitamin B complex.

It is very popular and used for numerous face masks.

Besides Vitamin B can also help in the preservation of healthy skin, reduces stress levels, preventing the emergence of cancer of the pancreas, maintain a healthy metabolism.

With 18 amino acids inside, this natural microorganism is almost a complete protein, and it is considered that dry yeast contains about 55% of proteins of high quality.

Therefore, it is useful in the diet of vegetarians.

It contains vitamin B12, which is generally represented in most vegetarian food.

It has an enviable number of very important enzymes.

Enzymes are specific groups of proteins that participate in many vital processes in the body.

Yeast also contains large amounts of glycogen, which is why the sweet taste and very nutritious.

It can be said that is a very important source of nucleic acid that participates in storing genetic information.

This means that an essential element when it comes to reproductive capacity.

In addition, in yeast are 15 minerals, of which it is worth mentioning copper, manganese, molybdenum, iron, etc.

Generally, these tiny one-celled fungi of which is made out of yeast, in addition to the above, stimulate the production of blood, improve health and liver function, maintain cholesterol levels within the optimal range, provide an ideal intestinal flora, relieves the feeling of tiredness, etc.

NOTE: For medicinal purposes is recommended 2-3 tablespoons yeast during the day, after meals.

All amounts over that are harmful to the body and cause health problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, fever and similar symptoms of poisoning.

Generally, it is not for people with Crohn’s disease.

I hope that now you know more about this natural gift.


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