Yoga – A Firm Bond To The Forces Of Nature



The word “yoga” comes from the root of Sanskrit language “yuj” which means “to attach”, “to unite”, “to join” or “to add”.

Since it is an ancient Indian technique embraced in its name, Yoga refers to the spiritual, mental and physical discipline or practice.

It is an aspect of human on the one hand, but also a firm bond to the forces of nature, on the other hand.

Yoga consists of practical exercises for body and mind.

The exercises for the body (asana) are determined by physical positions and breathing exercises for the mind (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana).

Altogether they have a positive effect on the spirit.

This would be the simplest description although yoga is by all means not just a simple technique.

Some physical exercises are extremely complex and difficult so that beginners can hardly perform.

It`s same about breathing exercises which can be also extremely complex.

However, there is much more that anyone can practice and which is quite enough for beginners to improve their body and spirit.

How to begin with yoga?

To start with exercises of yoga, we need good will and desire.

Before going to yours first class, you need to know that yoga is not competition.

In classes, you should not compete with others, but only with you.

During exercise classes are conducted only to the limits of comfort.

When you feel pain in the muscles or joints, it is a sign that we should stop and continue with the next exercise.

As the body accustom, exercise becomes more comfortable with less or no unpleasant sensation.

As far as breathing exercises, a beginner should not even expect that he will do them on a first or second class do completely properly.

With a good teacher, the correct breathing should come by itself when physical exercises become routine.

In addition, correct breathing you will have when is establishing balance and unity of body, mind and spirit – which brings yoga as the ultimate goal.

Yoga and philosophy

Sometimes yoga is an expression of Indian religious and philosophical thought.

In some parts of the world, it still is.

Although the root belongs to the Hindu tradition and practice, they can freely apply and all other people, regardless of spiritual orientation, because the contemporary yoga (yoga that is practiced in Western countries of the world) does not contain religious elements.

Yoga contains the elements that contribute to the general health condition – and that is the only purpose of yoga.

Therefore, yoga is something that you should not be afraid because contemporary teachers of this technique will not affect your philosophical and religious views.

With yoga exercises, you will get the only possibility to achieve better health.

Health and Yoga

Of course, that these exercise techniques are very good for our overall health.

With regular practice of yoga, it can be expected to improve the physical and mental state of the body in all possible aspects.

Through a regular practice, the body rises up at the beginning and later held in balance with nature, at a high level of physical energy and spiritual strength.

Some of the benefits of yoga that you can notice at the beginning are physical flexibility, effort and sensibility as they relate to the most subtle parts of the body.

Positive effects are, one by one, gradually reveal, what is a great pleasure, and many people find that yoga can become addictive.

These exercises have a positive impact on all the important functions in the body that make us feel good.

The regular exercise raises the level of physical vitality and mental stability.

The health benefits technique are:

– Tighten the muscles

– Increases mobility of joints

– Corrects posture

– Encourages the work of internal organs

– Strengthens immunity

– Relieves tension

– Establish proper breathing

In particular, yoga can be beneficial for people which are suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and back pain.

Breathing exercises are useful for patients suffering from asthma.

Deep concentration on what your body works during exercise brings mental calm.

Yoga is a precious respite from everyday activities.

Over the time, yoga increases the feeling of comfort in your own body and in parallel with these increases self-confidence, creativity, a sense of happiness and zest for life, regardless of age.

With yoga, living is easier and aging is slower.

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