You Cannot Walk From A Severe Muscle Inflammation? These 5 Things Will Surely Help!

Muscle Inflammation

If you are desperately looking for something that will reduce unbearable muscle inflammation, discover 5 natural medicines that are also proven to work.

When you start with new fitness programs, such as TRX workout and also Crossfit, after the first training, you feel severe muscle inflammation.

For instance, literally you cannot raise your hand, and your quadriceps and muscles are as hard as stone.

Unlike professional athletes, recreational players do not have hi-tech recovery equipment.

Those are hot tubs, cryotherapy chambers and also electrical stimulators that relieve pain from the muscles.

Fortunately, there are simple natural medicines that are very effective.

Also, these natural medicines anyone can test in case of muscle inflammation.

Natural medicines for muscle inflammation

Sour cherry juice

According to a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, sour cherry juice is very effective in the case of muscle inflammation.

In addition, antioxidants in sour cherries called anthocyanins help prevent inflammatory processes in the body.

In other words, in the days when you have stronger training, be sure to drink sour cherry juice.


The morning coffee you consume not only will awaken you it will be also your ally in training.

In addition, studies show that coffee reduces the sense of muscle tiredness.

Nowadays, elite fitness coaches recommend two cups of coffee before training.

Thanks to caffeine you will improve your concentration and also increase your energy level.


Treatments in warm tubs also give great initial results.

However, the variant of muscle recovery with ice has proved to be the most effective.

Warm baths provide overall muscle relaxation and also moderate pain relief.

In addition, ice prevents further muscle damage and speeds up the recovery process.

Mountain arnica

Mountain arnica is an herb that has the properties of pain relief similar to that of ibuprofen.

You can apply this herb to the skin and also use as a gel and helps to eliminate inflammation and swellings.

Deep tissue massage

A quality massage after training helps to improve blood flow to the muscle and also accelerates the process of removing fatigue-burning chemicals.

Massages of various muscle groups relieve pain and also muscle inflammation.

You can also do yourself a massage of painful muscles by using an electronic massage or tennis ball.

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