You Eat Healthily, And Not Lose Weight!?

Lose Weight

You can struggle with your excess weight, and, at the same time you are eating healthy and have exercises but you do not lose weight.

However, the kilograms do not melt and you are asking yourself why that is happening?

The problem is in this bad habit.

You do not lose weight with this bad habit

The way you eat – the speed of eating can change weight, body mass index, and also waist size.

That was the latest research discovery.

Namely, students from Kyushu University in Japan conducted a study involving 60,000 people.

They were studying the link of the speed with which people are eating with changes in their weight.

They came to the discovery that people who eat more slowly tend to lose weight.

Scientists have also studied data from people with diabetes 2.

As you probably know that is a disease that is often caused by obesity.

People who have a habit of eating slowly, on average have the smallest size of the waist.

People who eat fast on average have a higher body mass index and extended waist.

The most important conclusion of the research is that the person who was later slowed down the speed of eating immediately began to lose weight.

Scientists say this study is final and also confirm the impact of the speed of the way we eat on weight loss.

Therefore share this conclusion with your friends and also family members.

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