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You Need To Be Careful During The Fasting!

You Need To Be Careful During The Fasting!

During fasting, you consume particular food that.

However, you probably do not know that some foods were actually not good for fasting and you use them.

That is food that does not have animal ingredients in it.

At the same time, there are certain “cheat” foods that you think are not with animal ingredients.

Moreover, during this time you need carefully read the declarations because many foods contain animal ingredients.

The label needs to match the contents.

At the same time, some manufacturers do not respect it or cheat.

Also, in small letters, they are writing a warning that they still contain some animal ingredients.

This is because when people see tag “food for fasting” they do not think they need to read the label.

Food that you need to avoid during fasting

Casein – an ingredient of animal origin

It is important to read the label because many vegetable kinds of cheese also may contain some ingredient of animal origin.

If you are buying a vegetable cheese, make sure that it does not contain casein.

Fish sticks

Fish sticks are also fasting food.

However, it is necessary to read the declaration again because some producers put eggs in powder or even eggs.

In addition, in cafes during this period, owners use soy, almond, and coconut milk.

Do not let them cross you because coffee with soy milk is completely different from coffee with regular milk.

Also, if you order coffee with fat-free milk, and it has a taste like usual when you drink it, you should immediately return it.

It is clear that they tried to deceive you.

Eggs in the pastry

In many pastries and also pasta producers use eggs.

That’s why not every pastry and also pasta is not without animal ingredients.

For example, the pastry is containing egg if it has a glowing and shining look.

In addition, be careful in the bakeries because you can be easily cheated there.

Therefore, if you see that the pie is too glamorous and red, choose something else.

There is no mistake with the cooked “simit”.

What is most surprising and what people do not know is that not every fish Pâté is without animal ingredients.

Even it is made from fish producers can write with small letters that fish Pâté is containing some animal ingredients.

Therefore, you can open your eyes well when buying this food.

Candies, Neapolitan wafer, banana creams

Given that they are made of gelatin and also sugar, you may have thought candies are good during fasting.

However, most of them are not.

That is because the gelatin is obtained by cooking an animal skin, connective tissue and also animal bones, often pigs or cows.

Carefully pay attention to Neapolitan wafers because chocolate mixtures are also not just from cocoa.

Chocolate mixtures also contain milk or milk powder.

In addition, for banana creams and marshmallows creations too, many people think they are friendly.

However, they are not because they contain eggs and also milk powder.

There is a misunderstanding that everything in powder, like milk and also eggs, you can use during fasting.

It is not, though, in a different form, it is derived also from the same foods that have originated in the animal.

If the label says the product contains a substitute for eggs, then it is safe to consume it.

However, if the powder eggs are listed, skip it.


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