12 Days Eating Only Bananas Woman Described The Amazing Transformation Of The Whole Body! (VIDEO)


Sweet, creamy and rich, bananas are one of the favorite fruits for everyone from children to elders.

Bananas are an excellent source of both minerals and vitamins, as well as fiber.

July Tarbat is a woman who has long struggled with candida, indigestion problems, skin problems, low blood sugar and excess weight.

That addiction was created because of the desire for food that she could not quench.

That’s why she decided to switch to raw food.

Bananas are among the top on the list of favorite fruits

Namely, this woman 12 days was eating only bananas.

She says that for this type of detoxification of the body you can use any fruit.

Bananas are one of the best fruits because of its nutritional value and availability throughout the year.

In addition, if you eat bananas in large amounts, you should be drinking plenty of water, have rest, and a little exercise.

That is her advice.

With this treatment, she immediately saw improvement in the emotional and the physical level.

The first thing she noticed is that it was improved the work of digestion.

In addition, she didn`t have a single unpleasant symptom of detoxification.

This is probably due to the large amounts of fibers from banana, regulating electrolytes and flushes toxins.

July Tarbat says that during these 12 days she had more energies than ever.

She was also reached her maximum when it comes to exercise – has managed to run a marathon of 30 kilometers.

On the other hand, her skin became brighter, the hair soft and hard.

At the same time, she managed to save a few extra pounds!

During this diet with bananas, July Tarbat was feeling serene and she had great bursts of creativity.

Bananas detoxified emotions and mind due to potassium levels and tryptophan.

These compounds were improving the communication between the cells and maintain an excellent level of oxygen in the brain.

Mentally, everything became much clearer and I improve my concentration – said July Tarbat.

NOTE: This is a short-term diet and should not be implemented for a long time, but only for detoxification.

Health benefits of your favorite fruit are:

Better maintaining a night vision for your eyes

Restores healthy glucose level of your blood

Prevents from peptic ulcers

Protects your bones from breakdown

Make constipation easier and electrolyte substitute in diarrhea

Reduces risk of kidney cancer and improves kidney health

Increases brain power

Gives instant vitality and energy

Improves your mood – Banana has Tryptophan that converts into serotonin in our body – hormone of happiness

Weight loss – this fruit contains one kind of starch which improves fat burning

Contains important nutrients

Moderates your blood sugar levels and help heart health

Improves your digestive health

Contains powerful antioxidants

Help keep you full and may reduce appetite

Unripe banana can improve insulin sensitivity

For banana lovers, we prepared one excellent and perfect video that will show one more interesting way of preparing your favorite fruit.

NOTE: Always try to use organic and natural bananas.



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