13 Disgusting Neighbors In Your Home!

13 Disgusting Neighbors

13 Disgusting Neighbors

Do not panic too much about these 13 disgusting neighbors in your home.

Just you should be aware of these 13 disgusting neighbors so you can take normal things to prevent as much as possible their contact.

Here we will explain to you who are the top 13 disgusting neighbors that are or may be in your home.

Be aware of these top 13 disgusting neighbors

-1. Mites

13 Disgusting Neighbors 01It’s hard to believe, but we share an apartment with this, the unseen but very naughty, disgusting neighbors!

Who are they?

Mites are disgusting tiny insects large just in a fraction of an inch.

Mites are residents in dusty places, as well as furniture and natural fibers such as wool, upholstery and teddy bears.

Although they don`t bite, they release substances that can cause serious allergies.

-2. Salmonella

13 Disgusting Neighbors 02Horror!

And this thing lives in your fridge!

Did you know that your fridge is a good home for bacteria?

Salmonella is a master of ceremonies.

Do you wash your eggs before you put them in the fridge?


Too bad, on that way you convert the fridge in a nursery for salmonella.

They are also dangerous because the bacteria can cause fever, diarrhea and cramping.

They can create nests in the packages of sausage, meat and milk cartons.

Contrary to what many of us believe, these bacteria do not die in the fridge.

They just rest until times get better.

-3. Bacteria Staphylococcus aureus

13 Disgusting Neighbors 03Find out who is hiding in your bathroom!

Daily you have a shower with bacteria!

Are you surprised?

Scientists have just come to this conclusion.

A harmful staphylococcus aureus bacterium is hiding under the shower.

In this wet and warm environment staphylococcus aureus is multiply like mushrooms after the rain.

When water flows they are spilling just after you!

In addition to the shower, Staphylococcus aureus is nesting in the outlet hole, the gaps between the tiles and shelves, as well as other hidden places.

There are 13 disgusting neighbors in your home

-4. Bugs in bed

13 Disgusting Neighbors 04How do you feel when you share a bed with this ugly creature?

Few people know that they are never alone in the bed.

Who else is there?

Your neighbor is malevolent bloodsuckers!

Bugs in the bed are small pet vampires living in upholstered furniture and bedding.

Within the body of the insect, scientists have discovered the causes of diseases such as brucellosis, typhoid fever, plague and anthrax.

However, although it is not transmitted from bugs to humans, their bites hurt and can cause allergic reactions.

Clean your beds periodically and use healthy natural things.

Young children may become ill due to bites from anemia.

-5. Moth

13 Disgusting Neighbors 05These creatures will leave you without clothes.

These pests are living with a man for a long time.

But there are some ways to get rid of it once and for all.

One of the ways is to put green leaves from the walnut tree between your clothes and things.

We’re talking about moths in the fabric and fur.

The moth is incredibly greedy.

When hungry, the larvae are able to leave unsightly holes in a fur coat and big holes on the other clothes made of natural materials.

It is not harmful to humans, except for moral damage because you will find your best coat bitten by the beast.

-6. Mold

13 Disgusting Neighbors 06This parasite is poisoning our lives, literally and figuratively!

If you thought that mold attacks only stale bread or rolls, you will be surprised.

This fungus also likes inedible things that could be very valuable.

Mold lives mainly on the walls of houses, furniture and appliances.

In other words, it can live in everything that you cannot just throw away to get rid of this insidious parasites.

Room under the invasion of mold not only looks unattractive but also has an unpleasant musty odor.

In addition, the mold is harmful when you build.

For a man, a mold is dangerous because it can cause respiratory and chronic respiratory diseases.

-7. Cockroach

13 Disgusting Neighbors 07Still, a cockroach is a true superstar from all 13 disgusting neighbors for every good housewife!

They are truly indestructible.

They follow us everywhere.

Cockroach resides in dirty and messy homes, as well as in aseptic flats and apartments which are cleaned daily.

They are red and black beetles.

There is not much joy of coexistence with cockroaches.

Moreover, in addition to the reflective appearance, cockroaches serious damage household items and food.

This is particularly damaging as dirty insects bear the germ of many viral diseases and larvae of worms.

When they are starving, these dangerous neighbors may bite humans.

-8. Ants

13 Disgusting Neighbors 08Look closely: they might have already invaded your home!

You do not even suspect that your apartment may be hiding the whole city.

Not surprisingly, these are pharaoh ants.

These insects, which in its natural environment look cute, harmless and even beneficial, in the city’s status are transformed into nasty pests.

These tiny creatures eat everything.

They do not refuse any food from waste, which means that they carry a variety of bacteria.

They also actively defend the territory that they believe is theirs.

In addition, their bites hurt.

-9. Flea

13 Disgusting Neighbors 09No one can guarantee that a successful fight against these parasites!

Contrary to well-known belief, not only dogs and cats are exposed to these parasites, but also people.

Flea makes no difference and is biting all warm-blooded animals on the road.

Fleas are transmitted from animals to humans and their bites are painful enough.

Moreover, like many other insects bloodsuckers and they carry a variety of dangerous diseases: tularemia, rat fever, plague, and other.

But even uninfected insect bite can be very painful and cause itching, irritability and poor sleep.

-10. “Wooden ears”

13 Disgusting Neighbors 10The appearance of these “neighbors” in the house will not please those who love plants.

The following parasite is not really an insect but a small cancer-bug that can adapt to life on land.

It is the ordinary “wooden ears”.

This ugly creature is residing in areas with constant moisture.

They are able to significantly endanger life in the apartment with their repulsive appearance and endangering plants.

Without a doubt, these unfavorable hairy tenants carry bacteria that you will be in a panic.

-11. Bugs in the carpet

13 Disgusting Neighbors 11Few people know about these terrible creatures that live in the vicinity.

This does not have to be moths that eat your loved clothes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Malicious carpet beetles often socialize naughty butterflies.

Despite their name, insect larvae do not limit their diet just their skin.

They happily nibbled fur, feathers and other natural materials.

It is not easy to deal with them because they do not suffer from dry environments, hazardous for the most of other uninvited tenants, but, on the contrary, they are progressing.

In addition, to visual damage caused to the house, they do not hesitate to bite the hand of their “owner”.

-12. Lice

13 Disgusting Neighbors 12These tiny vampires live so close to you that this is just awful!

The mere mention of these insects will make you shudder although they are quite common.

Why that?

Trivial head lice cause a lot of problems.

Pediculosis or infections by these repulsive insects are threatening everyone, except those completely bald.

Even if you follow strictly the rules of hygiene, lice can sneak up on you at any time and from anywhere.

The bites of these small, but unpleasant insects are painful, causes itching and anxiety and their larvae connected on the hair are spoiling the appearance.

-13. Centipede

O13 Disgusting Neighbors 13ne of the insects with the most formidable appearance which can stay in your home is a centipede.

Despite their terrifying appearance, these insects are harmless and even useful.

The appearance of centipede is often causing a shock, but they do not cause much damage.

Moreover, this creepy friend helps fight ants, fleas and cockroaches.

Unfortunately, this arthropod has no ability to think, which means it can bite even you.

Centipede bites are not dangerous, but they are quite painful and can cause an allergic reaction due to discharging a poor poison.

Therefore, try to find ways to have less some of these 13 disgusting neighbors or find the way to live with them.


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