6 Mistakes We Make During Menstruation! It Can Seriously Disturb Our Health!


Our bodies during the menstruation are particularly sensitive.

Also, some of the habits that we have during menstruation are not healthy.

Therefore, it is the best if we simply abandon ourselves from such unhealthy habits.

6 mistakes during menstruation

– 1. Using tampons and pads that contain woven cotton or artificial silk

Most pads and tampons are made of synthetic silk similar to polyester, and cotton wool.

Such tampons may contain traces of pesticides, fevers and dioxins, and toxic artificial compounds.

These compounds can cause fertility and endocrine disorder.

By using long-term use of such tampons you can endanger your health.

However, there is a better option, using organic, undamaged tampons.

– 2. Do not change the tampon frequently

The longer you carry the tampon, the more bacteria grow.

On that way, you create a perfect environment for bacteria such as the staphylococci that are causing toxic shock syndrome.

It is a recommendation to change tampon every four to eight hours.

– 3. Use of fragrant products

No one wants to smell unpleasant, but the use of products containing artificial smells is not a good idea during menstruation.

Such products can irritate the body, lead to bacterial and fungal infections.

In addition, they are full of synthetic chemicals such as phthalates and parabens.

So it is best to avoid inserts, pads, and baths with artificial scents during this woman condition.

– 4.You don`t sleep enough

It is difficult to sleep with spasms, restlessness, and insomnia caused by hormones.

However, it`s good to sleep seven hours a day, and also is most needed when you have menstruation.

The lack of sleep on your body is stressful and inflammatory and can disrupt your hormone level and your mood.

But while you sleep, your body has time to raise your immune system and recover.

– 5. Don`t skip exercises

Exercising is an excellent way of solving stress and ejecting toxins from your body.

Exercise also helps relieve cramps and improve sleep quality.

Even when you have a menstrual period, it is recommended that you spend at least 30 minutes of exercising each day.

Simple activities such as walking, cycling or swimming are helping to reduce the intensity of menstrual cramps.

– 6. Drinking coffee

Lack of sleep, fatigue, and headaches may seem like good reasons to pour a cup of coffee or tea.

However, the caffeine can lead to dehydration and worsen symptoms like headaches.

Reducing caffeine intake during menstruation will help relieve tension, insomnia, and heartache.

If a few days before your menstrual period you feel chest pain, try to avoid caffeine as much as possible.

Also, you can use natural old treatment for your menstrual pain.

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