7 Causes Of Night Sweating! Signs That Point To Serious Problems!

Night Sweating

Do you sometimes wake up during night sleeping because of night sweating?

There are some dangerous causes that you need to know about this unpleasant condition.

Menopause, drugs, but also diabetes and serious infections are just some of the serious symptoms that many do not associate with this unpleasant health disorder.

In addition to warm air and thick cover, the most common causes of this condition are anxiety, hormonal changes in the body, but also infections.

7 causes of the night sweating

– 1. Menopause

Night sweating can also be sudden waves of heat.

Women in PMS often experience waves of heat.

This condition may even appear in the middle of the night and wake you up in hot sweats.

– 2. Drugs

Antidepressants and psychiatric drugs can cause night sweating.

If you drink these medications, talk to your doctor if they can cause night sweats and whether you can replace them with someone else.

– 3. Cancer

Night sweating can also be an early cancer symptom and is often the case with lymphoma.

– 4. Infection

Tuberculosis, abscess, endocarditis or osteomyelitis (inflammation of the bones) can also cause night sweats.

Other serious infections, such as AIDS, can also cause night sweats.

– 5. Anxiety

Sweating in the night can also be caused by stress and anxiety.

Some symptoms of anxiety and also stress include tension, nervousness, constant feelings of fatigue or weakness, panic attacks, sleep problems, and digestive disorders.

– 6. Sleep Disorders

Your night sweating can also cause sleep apnea or some other sleep disorder.

Some of the symptoms that accompany a destructive sleep disorder include high blood pressure, daily sleepiness, and sudden awakening due to choking.

– 7. Hypoglycemia

People with diabetes also can experience night sweating because of low levels of blood sugar, among other things, can also cause sweating.

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