Always Have St. John`s Wort Oil At Home!

St. John`s Wort Oil

St. John`s wort oil is obtained from the same yellowish flower.

St John`s wort herb grows along the edges of the forests, in cleanings, meadows, and also hedges.

St. John`s wort herb is blooming throughout the whole summer.

It’s just the month of July when it’s easiest to pick up a St. John`s wort because most of the herbs are blooming at this time.

St. John`s wort has long been known in folk medicine as a plant with the broad spectrum of medicinal benefits.

It has antibacterial, antiviral, and antimycotic (antifungal) action.

In addition, this herb is rich in tannins, hypericin, and also flavonoids (act anti-inflammatory).

These properties help in epithelialization of the skin.

Always have St. John`s wort oil at your home

If you have skin problems or you have sunburns, St. John`s wort oil is a great choice for your skin.

Just keep in mind that the oil is phototoxic and is not suitable for sunbathing.

In addition, it is best to use it in the evening when there is no sun.

You can apply St John`s wort oil to all types of wounds.

In addition, this oil will also help with inflammation of the ovaries, vaginal infections, fungi and viral infections.

That is including HPV, herpes, hemorrhoids, enlarged veins, ulcers, scars, stretch marks, and also acne and pimples.

Also, it will help you to treat rheumatism, gout, muscle inflammation and nerves.

It also prevents wounds from prolonged lying.

Therefore, it is recommended for patients who are constantly lying in the prevention of decubitus.

The folk medicine uses St. John`s wort oil for menstrual cramps and for relieving muscle pain.

It will be more effective if you drink St. John`s wort tea at the same time.

How to make St. John`s wort oil?

Put 1 litter of cold-pressed olive oil into a transparent glass bottle and add 100 grams of St. John`s wort flowers.

Cover the bowl with the gauze and tighten it with the rubber.

In addition, leave it in the sunshine for 40 days to let the flowers release the oil.

You will get the dark red liquid.

Then strain well through the gauze and also additional press the leaves.

Store the liquid in a dark glass bottle at room temperature.

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