Amazing Natural Cough Drops That Works 100%! You Will Never Buy Cough Medicine Again! (Video)

Natural Cough Drops

Natural Cough Drops

In autumn or usually when the weather is changing it is common for a lot of people to have a cold or flu.

A cough is a normal side effect and it can be sometimes annoying.

A cough is unexpected a repetitively occurring reflex that helps and clear our large breathing passages (airways and throat) from microbes, foreign particles, irritants and secretion.

Coughing is either involuntary or voluntary.

Natural cough drops – homemade easy remedy

The cough reflex is consisting in three phases:

-an inhalation

-a forced exhalation versus a closed glottis

-a violent relieves of air from our lungs that follow the opening of the glottis

Although a cough can be tedious, coughing helps to our body heal or protect it.

A cough can be either chronic or acute.

An acute cough starts by surprise and commonly last no more than 2-3 weeks. You can often get an acute cough with the flu, cold or acute bronchitis.

A chronic cough lasts longer than 2-3 weeks. Causes of a chronic cough can be:

– Asthma


– Chronic bronchitis

– Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD)

– Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

– Throat disorders (croup in young children)

– Smoking

-Some medicine

Instead to use medical treatments and medicine from apothecary you can have always at your home natural cough drops.

A recipe for natural cough drops:

For preparing these natural cough drops you will need:

– Lemon

– Ginger


– 2 cups of organic honey

– 2 ½ cups of filtered water

Now you need just to watch this video below and learn how to release and treat a cough and sore throat with your natural cough drops.

You don`t need to put sugar in the preparation of natural cough drops if you don`t like it.

It`s up to you if you will add some healthy natural flavor or sweetener.

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