Another Reason To Eat Watermelon! Do Not Throw The Bark Of Watermelons! It Is A Treasure Trove Of Health!

Eat Watermelon

Eat Watermelon

Many people will without thinking to eat watermelon, especially the juicy red part of this amazing summer super food.

On the other side, a lot of people throw the bark of watermelon in most cases.

Eat watermelon bark to get healthy hidden ingredients

However, we should actually eat watermelon bark because there are hidden vitamins B, vitamin C and amino acids that are necessary for our body.

These amino acids are important for heart health and circulation.

After a good wash, watermelon barks we can blend in a blender and add to the favorite healthy beverages.

One more reason to eat watermelon

A new study by Spanish researchers found that watermelon juice can be your ally in relieving muscle pain after exercise.

Watermelon for the most part, but also melons, cucumbers and pumpkins contain the amino acid – citrulline.

Citrulline is a specific amino acid because it affects the reduction of muscle pain.

Earlier studies have found that citrulline has antioxidant activity and as such can produce oxygen in the windpipe that encourages relaxation and dilation of blood vessels.

In addition watermelon juice has a beneficial effect on erectile dysfunction (impotence), hypertension and atherosclerosis.

The study involved seven healthy students who were on three different occasions.

After maximal exercise stress test in the cycle ergometer, students drank 500 ml of the juice of watermelon with citrulline content of 1.17 grams or watermelon juice enriched with citrulline from about 5 grams of citrulline or placebo.

The results showed that both groups who consumed watermelon juice felt significantly less muscle pain compared to the placebo group, indicating that watermelon juice has the potential to become a new functional drink for athletes.

When you eat watermelon you will get these health benefits:

-1. All parts are edible

-2. Hydration

-3. Reduce your body fat

-4. It`s lowering cancer risk

-5. It`s lowering a blood pressure

-6. It improves immune system

-7. Skincare

-8. Diabetes – low glycemic index

-9. Cardiovascular health

-10. Cleanse kidneys

-11. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant support

-12. Strengthen joints and bones

-13. It improves eye health

-14. Nerve and muscle support

4 tips that reveal whether a watermelon is fresh and juicy!

Avoid mistakes when you are buying watermelons and recognize those juicy and fresh with the help of these 4 tips.

In the summer season, one of the favorite summer superfoods to a lot of people is refreshing and healthy watermelon.

Watermelon is an integral part of public markets and grocery stores.

While the outside of watermelon looks fresh, it happens often to us that we are disappointed after cutting watermelon at our homes.

These are 4 tips how to avoid mistakes

-1. Markings on watermelon reveal her age, so always choose the one with lighter markings as such are more mature and therefore tastier and juicier.

In addition, the side where the watermelons were lying on the ground should be yellow color.

White color or light green color are signs of under-ripe fruit.

-2. Pay attention to the weight of watermelons.

If it`s unexpected light for the size, it`s meaning that the content is dry and there is not enough juice.

-3. If the watermelon has a stem, it can serve as a measure of freshness.

Specifically, a curved stem is a sign of ripe and fresh content.

-4. The sound of the juicy watermelon should be “ringing”, so take in hand and tap on it from all sides.

If the sound is dull, do not buy.

Don`t forget about watermelon seeds health benefits.


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