Anti Candida Diet! Beat The Dangerous Candida Albicans, Just Avoid These Foods!

Anti Candida Diet

Anti Candida diet is the best solution for the disease of the modern era – Candida albicans.

Candida albicans is a disease of the modern era and probably there is no person who has not felt its negative consequences.

In this article, we aim to explain closer some of the symptoms, causes, identification, treatment and consequences of Candida albicans.

On that way, you can manage to prevent its “delinquent behavior” inside your body With Anti Candida diet.

Candida albicans is described as a fungus that is found in the body.

Its location is in the mouth, digestive organ system, the vagina, the skin, but also in other organs.

It`s growing due to a number of factors that can get out of hand and then appear infections.

But, if you don`t treat this disease can spread throughout the body to the state when it becomes immeasurable and thus distorts overall health status of the individual.

How the Candida albicans behaves in the body

Thanks to its roots, Candida albicans, is seizing the intestinal wall and if you don`t stop it`s growing, it comes to drilling and creating tiny holes in the intestinal wall.

The holes allow partially digested proteins, toxins, and the Candida albicans to enter the circulation and spread throughout the body.

This condition is known as systemic candidiasis and can have very bad consequences for the entire psycho-physical condition of the person.

Parasitic forms of Candida waste products excreted by strain on the liver and the whole organism.

Candida albicans also produces a kind of false estrogen that provides a signal to the body that is sufficient of it.

Moreover, it interferes with the natural hormone production, which has consequences on the respiratory system.

When blood sugar is high, the fungus produces ethanol (alcohol), a by-product of the activity of fungi and acetaldehyde, formaldehyde-like substance, which can be seen in bad breath.

Candida infection leads to various biochemical disorders in the organism:

– Disruption of collagen

– Fatty acid oxidation

– Blocking normal nerve function

– Prevent the immune system from fighting infections

Candida – septicemia the most severe form of Candida infection, and is known as blood poisoning and infection of all organs.

Such infections are common in people suffering from life-threatening disorders.

In one word, Candida albicans can be considered as a serious enemy that is often the cause of other disorders and diseases.

Of course, it should be kept under control.

Why you can get Candida

The most common causes of Candida are:

– Modern way of life

– Improper diet

– Excessive intake of foods rich in sugar and starch

– Gluten intolerance and casein

– Vegetarian food

– Macrobiotic food

– Drugs – antibiotics, corticosteroids, antidepressants

– Contraception or hormone therapy

– The lack of gastric acid

– Excessive intake of alcohol

– Autoimmune diseases

– Low immunity

Pregnancy and stress

– Psychological states


– Panic attacks

– Psychoses


– Tight clothing


– In rare cases may occur intravenously, through a catheter or surgical wounds

Candida determination tests

The presence of Candida can be diagnosed by tests.

Depending on the laboratory, they can analyze fungi, analysis of saliva or blood for antibodies (IgG and IgA) or Candida urinalysis showing the presence of fungi.

However, there is also a home Candida test.

People use this home Candida test for many years to determine the level of candida in the body.

The test is simple and free and often proved to be reliable.

So, before you go to bed, fill a glass of clean water and leave it next to the bed.

The next morning, as soon as you wake up, spit into the water and also leaves the cup 15 minutes.

Find the light source and look into the glass.

If the saliva remains on the surface of the cup or melts and in the glass is clear water then the test is negative.

If the water is turbid, or saliva is formed some hanging threads in water then the test is positive.

Also, if saliva is descended to the bottom of the glass or if the saliva is collected below, there is a great possibility that you have too much Candida in the body.

In this case, we suggest you contact your doctor or try to get rid of Candida naturally with Anti Candida diet.

Symptoms of excessive growth of Candida albicans

Symptoms of excessive growth of Candida in the body are:

– A chronic fungal infection with symptoms of itching

– Burning and excessive discharge

– Dry mucous membranes

– Allergies

– Sneezing

– Nasal congestion

– A chronic runny nose

– Frequent cough

– Sore throat

– Dry mouth

– Lesions on the tongue

– Burning in the mouth

– Frequent colds

– Asthma

– Gastrointestinal symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and gas, cramps, diarrhea, constipation, and heartburn

– Food allergy

– A strong desire for fresh food, bread, pasta

– Bad breath

– Frequent headaches

– Chronic fatigue

– Cold hands and feet

– The symptoms of the nervous system such as anxiety, depression, poor memory and poor concentration

– Problems with the menstrual cycle

– Various skin rashes

– A number of other symptoms of the direct or indirect connection

How to solve Candida albicans

The change of diet and also a month or two, strict diets and combining with other methods such as hydrotherapy can solve the problem of Candida.

The fungi feed on carbohydrates.

The carbohydrates include sugars, starches, and fibers but you need to know that fibers do not enter the blood stream and do not raise blood sugar levels as that of sugars and starches.

Glucose and fructose are types of sugars from which fungi usually live.

Therefore, it is important to limit the intake of these carbohydrates.

Reducing intake of carbohydrates you can replace if you increase intake of healthy natural fats.

The meal should consist of a protein part (meat, fish, eggs) and vegetables with fat in which the food is prepared.

Anti-Candida diet that excludes sugars and white flour but includes whole grain flour comprising, rice and the like is not completely efficient because all the grains consisting a pure starch which is glucose.

You need to have various meals and also you should not repeat them several days in a row.

Protocol against Candida – 5 steps to solve Candida albicans

-1. Use the food with Anti Candida diet

-2. Destroy overgrowth – use baking soda, oregano oil, coconut oil

-3. Move Candida albicans out of the body with hydrotherapy

-4. Build a healthy intestinal flora – use probiotics, kefir, sauerkraut

-5. Strengthen the organism and immune system – use coconut oil, probiotics, magnesium chloride

Food that needs to be out for the duration of Anti Candida diet

– Foods that contain sugar and all carbohydrates: juices, alcoholic drinks, artificial vinegar, coffee and black tea

– All cereals and all legumes

– All kinds of fruits and dried fruits

– Potatoes, mushrooms and root vegetables (beets, carrots, etc.)

– Milk and dairy products (except homemade kefir, yogurt, and butter)

– yeast, margarine and prepared sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise)

– Cured and canned products because they contain glutamine, nitrites, etc.

– Mixtures of spices containing glutamine and yeast extracts

– Industrially processed foods of all kinds

– Refined vegetable oils (sunflower, corn, soybean)

What food you can use during Anti Candida diet

– All types of meat, offal and local dried meats (bacon, ham, and sausages)

– Vegetables that grow above the ground (except mushrooms)

Fish and other seafood

– Lacto-fermented foods (homemade kefir, yogurt, and home sauerkraut)

– Eggs (domestic) and fats (butter, chicken, duck, beef, and pig fat)

– Cold-pressed oils – coconut oil, olive oil, linseed oil and also sesame oil

– Onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, and also spices

Lemon, avocado, and green apple

– Soups from bones – meat, chicken, fish, and also vegetable soup

– Smoothies – pulpy juices of vegetables, and healthy fats

– Nuts and seeds in small amounts (without peanuts)

– Coconut flour, coconut milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, and also stevia

– Water, herbal teas, and also lemonade

Replacement for certain type of foods

Flour you can replace with fresh minced nuts and seeds, coconut flour, and psyllium powder.

Milk products are best to throw out because they get a different procedure, and not a natural fermentation as kefir, which is allowed.

With fermentation process, the ingredients from milk that is difficult to digest (lactose and casein) are breaking down.

The replacement of milk you can make from ground almonds and make almond milk.

As a replacement for potatoes, you can use blended cauliflower or broccoli.

Instead of pasta noodles cut zucchini or eggplant.

The food is best to fry in butter or even better on the lard which contains oleic acid.

Oleic acid is a healthy fatty acid that helps the work of the heart and which is associated with lower levels of bad cholesterol.

The bread you can bake from milled nuts and seeds (sesame and flax seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.

Salads you can make from the permitted oil with a little sea salt and lemon juice instead of artificial vinegar.

Some people do not recognize the hunger of thirst.

If you are not sure if you are hungry or thirsty, try first with water.

Anti Candida diet is a diet that does not limit the amount of food just type of foods.

Eat whenever you feel hungry and eat as much you need until you feel full.

Foods that should be mandatory to include in the diet for the duration of the Anti-Candida diets are coconut oil and olive oil, garlic, homemade kefir, sauerkraut, and also algae.

Do not waive the food just choose wisely!

After you perform an Anti Candida diet and perform tests, you can slowly come back with some of the foods in the eating.

However, you need to do it gradually.

In addition, on this diet, there is no need to be hungry.

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