After This Article, You Will Just Use Olive Oil For Cooking!

Olive Oil

Some of the experts try to spread their opinion that extra virgin olive oil is not suitable for cooking.

The truth is that this oil can handle 190-200 degrees Celsius, which is also the temperature achieved in the fryer.

Maybe you have also habit to cook potatoes or chips in sunflower oil?

At the same time, you are avoiding olive oil without any justificatory reason?

You are very wrong!

The problem arises in long-term heating.

However, you should have to fry for more than 30 hours to change the chemical composition of olive oil.

Olive oil is better for cooking than sunflower oil

The general rule is that as much as saturated fat in the oil is, it is more stable when it is heated.

In addition, that quality has a coconut oil that does not lose quality even after 8 hours of frying.

An excellent choice is also avocado oil.

This oil can you can use at an extremely high temperature of 270 degrees.

In addition, it is good and peanut oil that has a neutral flavor.

This is particularly important for deep frying.

You need to avoid sunflower oil, corn oil, and sesame oil.

Whatever you choose, stick to the old rules – never fry twice in the same oil.

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