Black Mulberry Is Neglected Fruit!

Black Mulberry

For black mulberry and also white mulberry we can freely say that people neglect those super fruits.

Moreover, people use both types much more in folk medicine than modern day phytotherapy does.

The health benefits of those fruits can easily become cheap for you, with very healthy nutritional supplements.

They contain high-potential substances for many of today’s illnesses, whether you use fresh, or you make a juice from them.

The fruits look pretty much on the blackberry.

They have very varied features, which unjustly neglected black mulberry returns to the center of attention as a superpower!

Black mulberry and also white mulberry contain sugars, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, and vitamin K.

In addition, they are rich in minerals and precious fibers, and they have very little calories.

Children had been worshiped the black mulberry before.

However, it was some other time, with no modern technical gadgets, the internet and the rest.

Before the little ones spent more time in the fresh air with the game.

There are two types of mulberries widespread in Europe – black mulberry and white mulberry.

The leaves of white mulberries have once been an important raw material since it has been fed with silkworm.

This plant comes from China, Japan, and India, and was brought to Europe by Marko Polo in 1271.

Those plants were cultivated precisely because of the production of silk.

Recently, due to the spread of synthetic fibers, the cultivation of the mulberries has been considerably reduced.

On the other hand, the black mulberries come from old Persia and Arabia.

Since ancient times it has been used because of its medicinal properties.

Even the ancient Romans discovered their precious properties and also used it against infections and parasites, as well as for burns.

Below you will find out more about this beneficial fruit and its benefits to health.

Health benefits of black mulberry

These little berries are unbelievably wholesome and healthy.

The fruits of black mulberries contain:

– Sugars (fructose and glucose)

Vitamins A, C, K, B1 and also B2

– Numerous minerals

– Also, they contain precious fibers

In addition, black mulberries have a low calorific value, slightly larger than 43 kcal per 100 grams.

That`s why nutritionists recommend them in low-calorie diet regimes and different diets.

Black mulberry also contains:

– Plenty of flavonoids

– Anthocyanins – that give this fruit a red color

– Antioxidant properties

– Also has an anti-aging property

Another powerful antioxidant is resveratrol, which is cholesterol and thus successfully reduces the risk of many cardiovascular diseases.

Many laboratories are currently involving in the isolation and extraction of active ingredients of the fruit seeds.

New substances are often found: recently mulberrofuran G was found, the crust extract of this plant.

Apart from fruit, antioxidants are also found in the leaves and in the root.

People in Korea that suffer from diabetes use the leaves from mulberries because they contain special flavonoids.

On the other hand, Chinese traditional medicine advises the use of white mulberry in anemia and constipation cases.

The last study was conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Naples.

The extract of the white mulberry along with other nutraceuticals, such as berberine and monacolin K (lovastatin), lowers the level of LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, as well as blood sugar levels.

How to use black mulberry as a remedy

The fruits black mulberries have strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activity.

In addition, they prevent numerous cardiovascular diseases (recommended for those suffering from hypertension).

Also, they have a positive effect on the overall work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Black mulberries are soothing on the central nervous system and help a better and lighter sleep.

That is why nutritionists recommend consuming them in the evening.

That will give you quality and also guaranteed rest – sleeping.

In the past, people used black mulberries in the form of mouthwash liquids to relieve inflammation in the mouth and throat.

Leaves of this tree have antibiotic and diuretic properties and prevent inflammation of the lumbar and urethral track.

Finally, black mulberries are proved as anti-aging ingredients.

The cosmetic industries use them for moisturizing and soothing creams.

Black mulberry juice

The juice of this fruit is packed and sold as a beverage that strengthens the immune system and also provides longevity.

The black mulberries contain anthocyanins that are supposed to protect the nervous system and prevent the onset of the tumor.

Clinical research on this subject is also ongoing.

How to make juice from black mulberries

Due to the precious vitamin A that contains black mulberries, it is recommended to drink at least 2 dl of this juice during the day.

In that way, you will improve vision and prevent eye fatigue.

Nutritionists especially recommend this juice to people that are sitting a long time in front of a computer.

In addition, the same rule applies to anyone who looks at mobile phone screens, tablets, and all other modern appliances for a long time.

As you know, we have to admit they take time and also break vision.

Recipe for black mulberry juice

In three kilograms of these fruits put two liters of water and also add 30 grams of tartaric acid.

Leave this mixture to stay for 24 hours and then strain it

Then cook together with sugar (in ratio 1:1 with juice) on mild fire and occasionally remove the foam from the top.

This beneficial beverage can be very beneficial for all people that have severe diseases.

It has also beneficial properties in recovery after operative procedures.

It will also:

– Speed up wound healing processes

– Prevent potential infections

– Improve circulation throughout your body

Black mulberries can also be consumed even after birth – mild juice is recommended for young mothers.

It will even boost hair growth and also improve the appearance of hair on scalp if you rub the clean juice on the skin of your head.

It will not harm you in any way, nor will it change the color of your hair.

Moreover, it will help you to keep its natural appearance and shine.

Dried fruits are ideal for a snack or a healthy breakfast

Fruits of those plants you can also use in the dried form.

You can consume them for snacks or add them to muesli or also white yogurt for breakfast.

You can also use them for making biscuits, and they can give a special and very interesting makeup with various salads.

Tea from mulberries leaves is excellent for diabetics

Pour 500ml of boiled water over 50 grams of chopped leaves from mulberries and cover.

Keep the mixture closed for at least ten hours, but make sure you mix it occasionally.

Then, strain the mixture well and drink tea in the sips.

The mentioned amount of this tea you need to drink throughout the day.

It is an ideal beverage for diabetes, and it is also good for patients with cardiovascular health problems.

Black mulberries dried leaves enter into a number of tea mixes and weight loss drinks, which is why it is also esteemed.


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