Blueberry Keeps Your Brain And More!


During research, healthy people aged 65 to 77 who drank the concentrate blueberry juice each day:

– Improved cognitive function

– Blood flow to the brain

– Also, brain activation during cognitive tests

In addition, scientists have also found evidence that shows progress in the work memory.

Blueberry health benefits

Flavonoids are essential

Blueberry is rich in flavonoids that have antioxidant and also suppressive properties.

In this study, scientists have proven that people have great health benefits after 12 weeks of consuming 30 ml of blueberry juice concentrate every day.

Brain activation, blood flow to the brain, improved memory in healthy older people are just a few of the health benefits.

26 healthy adults participated in the study.

To 12 participants were given a concentrate of blueberry juice, equivalent to 230 g of blueberries, once per day.

The other 14 participants received placebo.

Before and after 12 weeks, several cognitive tests were solved while MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) monitored their brain function.

At the same time, scientists measured the blood flow to the brain during vacations.

Compared to people receiving placebo, those who took the addition of blueberries showed a significant increase in brain activity in brain areas related to the tests.

Reducing risk of dementia

The study excluded anyone who claimed to consume more than 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.

At the same time, all participants had to adhere to their normal diet during the study.

Previous studies have shown that the risk of dementia is reduced by higher intake of fruit and vegetables.

In addition, cognitive functions are better preserved in healthy elderly people with nutrition rich in plant diet.

Flavonoids, which are found in large quantities in plants, are probably an important component that causes these effects.

Blueberry is also rich in minerals:


– Calcium


– Manganese

– Phosphorus

– Sodium

– Zink


– Cooper

– Selenium

Also, do not forget the vitamins:

Vitamin A

– Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6

– Also vitamin C

With consumption blueberry you will:

– Boost your brain function

Combat aging

– Support digestion

– Fight cancer

– Improve skin care

– Promote your heart health

– Help weight loss treatment

– Have healthier bones

– Lowering your blood pressure

– Managing diabetes

– Eases eye fatigue

Consume this fruit and also recommend that to your friends and family members.


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