What Can Eyes Tell About Your Health! Blood Vessels And The Optic Nerve Reveal Diabetes And High Blood Pressure!


Regular ophthalmic examination on your eyes can detect serious diseases.

In addition, doctors can detect the effects of accumulated stress, which you cannot notice.

There is a saying that the eye is the mirror of the soul.

However, your eyes can actually provide insight into the health of our entire body!

Ophthalmologists explain 5 ways that your eyes can reveal problems with health.

Your eyes are window to your health


Central serous retinopathy manifests itself through blisters in the eyes.

It may be the result of continuous emotional stress.

This condition has previously been typical for men, but now it is more common in women.

When it occurs, it means that the accumulated stress is leaving serious consequences for health.

If you notice that you find it difficult to fix the view of the subject that is very close visit ophthalmologist.

If letters start playing before your eyes while reading, you need to visit an ophthalmologist who can prescribe appropriate treatment.

But keep in mind that the treatment depends largely on the amount of stress in your life .

High blood pressure

While you are young, your blood pressure is probably not for everyday checking.

The doctors usually control and monitor blood pressure at older patients.

However, examination of the eyes actually can identify this problem at any age.

Your ophthalmologist can notice swelling of blood vessels in the eye or optic nerve.

It is possible that this is a sign of high blood pressure.

Computer vision syndrome

When you spend a long time in front of LED screen, it can be a real problem.

This problem has its symptoms – causes dry skin and eye irritation, and can cause shortsightedness and exhaustion.

All of those symptoms will impair the ability to concentrate.

Vision problems are not just for the older people.

There are a lot of patients in their twenties who complain of difficulties in concentrating.

In addition, they suffer from increased intraocular fatigue and is constantly growing.


The hollow blood vessels in the eyes mean diabetes or state before the illness from this disease.

It is known that diabetes can completely destroy the view.

It is a good time to diagnose the problem, in order to treat the symptoms and the disease under control.

Health crisis in the future

During the examination, an ophthalmologist has the opportunity to view closer the blood vessels of the eyes and the optic nerve.

They are associated with the brain.

If there are swellings or shadows, it may indicate problems such as blood clots.

That can cause a stroke or even a tumor.

There are many cases when people come to a routine eyes examination, and they are sent to the urgent center.

Go to the eye examination regularly, as it goes to the routine analysis of blood, urine, gynecologists or dentists.

On that way, you can prevent serious illness in time!

Eyes are one of our important organs that help for better life and health.

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