Cancer Is Never The First Illness! The Ancient Chinese Method To Prevent Cancer! Natural Way To Remove Gallstones! (Recipe)



The Chinese method that removes gallstones through the colon is popular in all Asia because is believed to prevent cancer.

This Chinese folk remedy is known that has helped to a lot of people to remove gallstones.

It`s less dangerous and an easier way.

Chinese doctor, Dr. Lai Chiu Nan recommended a completely natural method that removes gallstones.

In addition, you should know that gallstones are very dangerous because are causing pain, lead to jaundice and even cancer.

Studies have shown that people who get cancer have generally had gallstones before.

“Cancer is never the first illness that occurs”, said Dr. Lai, stating that, generally, there are a lot of other problems that lead to cancer.

According to his research usually, people who suffer from cancer, had a gallstone.

Remove gallstones with this natural recipe

One of the symptoms of the gallstones is feeling of very strong satiety after meals.

You feel as if you cannot digest food.

If things get serious, there is also a pain in the liver.

If you think you have a gallstone, the best natural way is to apply this ancient Chinese method.

It is considered that this method is also a good for the liver since the liver and the gallbladder is closely related.

How to remove gallstones through the feces:

-1. First five days consume four glasses of apple juice every day.

If you don`t like apple juice, you need to eat at least 4-5 apples.

Apple juice softens the gallstone.

During those five days, you can eat normally.

-2. On the sixth day, do not eat dinner.

-3. On that day at 18h, take a teaspoon of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) with a glass of warm water.

-4. The same day at 20h does the same.

Magnesium sulfate opens the gallbladder.

-5. At 22h, drink 5 to 6 tablespoons of sesame oil or olive oil, with as much freshly squeezed lemon juice.

-6. Mix well and drink.

Oil will lubricate gallstones and facilitate their passage.

The next morning, in your feces you should find green stones, which usually float.

Even if you do not have symptoms of the gallstone, it does not hurt to try this natural treatment because cleaning the gallbladder cannot hurt.


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