Childhood Obesity! Are You Aware That Obesity Usually Starts When You Are A Child?

Childhood Obesity

Obesity in adult man closely associated with childhood obesity.

In more than one-third of cases of adult obesity is just a continuation of childhood obesity.

Such cases are also the most difficult forms of adult obesity.

Science has discovered facts indicating how and how inheritance and external environmental influences on childhood act on obesity.

Fat as a “reserve fuel” accumulates in special fat cells called adipocyte.

The tendency to gain weight and weight does not depend only on whether the fat cells are more or less filled with grease, but also on the total number of fat cells in the body.

A number of human fat cells can be determined as can be determined, and the number of blood cells, red and white blood cells.

The total number of fat cells in the human body is an average of about 300 billion.

Hereditary factors decide about whether the number of fat cells will be more or less, but it also decides intake of nutrition in the first days, months and years of life.

Excessive nutrition in childhood is considered the main impetus increase in the number of fat cells, particularly overfeeding in the first days and the first weeks of life.

When a child is older, the impact of diet on the number of fat cells is getting smaller and around 23 years of age, the number of fat cells is established and does not change until the end of life.

So that childhood obesity creates the preconditions for later obesity, and not only in eating habits, but also the number of fat cells.

If you are in the obese people all fat cells are maximally filled with grease, then the total amount of fat is about 40 kilograms.

This is the final frontier of excess weight that can be achieved after twenty-three years of age.

Excess calories in the body where cannot deposit as a “reserve fat” and are removed from the body as indigestible part of the food.

In severe cases of obesity, the number of fat cells can be as high as 500 billion, in the most severe cases and more than one billion fat cells, therefore, the reserve of fat can be more than 100 pounds.

Fat cells are not equally distributed throughout the body.

Therefore, someone gets more fat on the back, and the other more fat on the front.

Childhood obesity is what we need to be aware of

Someone is thicker in the face and at some people “everything is going in the gut.”

This arrangement has a great influence on hormones and secretions of certain glands.

The easier degree of childhood obesity occurs when their body weight does not exceed 10 to 20 percent of normal weight.

The real obesity is diagnosed when the child’s weight exceeds 20 percent above the weight that is considered normal for the age, sex, and body a certain height.

The main culprits for obesity of children are parents who gave them too much food.

This is supported by prejudices especially the widespread opinion that the child is healthier when is thicker.

The truth is the opposite: an obese child has become ill faster than a child with normal weight, even from a child who is considered to be thinner.

Many parents fed their children, believing that they display true love.

Obese children become clumsy, immovable, can equally participate in children’s games and become the object of ridicule and harassment.

Therefore, they avoid the company of other children, they withdraw into themselves, have a sense of inferiority, and then they have no other option but to continue to over-eat.

The result is weight gain.

Preventing excessive nutrition in the first months of life, prevention of obesity in pre-school and school-age allows children a happier childhood, at the same time reduces obesity in adults.

This can save both – health and reduce mortality.


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