First Symptoms Of Salmonella! Pay Attention, Everyone Can Get Infected!


Salmonella is a gram-negative bacterium – an infectious disease that can affect the intestinal tract.

This bacterium is commonly living in the intestinal of humans and also animals.

Animals can have this bacterium without any signs of infection.

In addition, people are usually infected with the consumption of infected foods, which often have no unusual smell or appearance.

Do not underestimate Salmonella

The cause of infection can also be a contact with a person who has this infection through food.

Salmonella can be destroyed by having enough roasted or cooked meat.

Of course, people get this infection most often due to the irresponsible treatment of foods.

Also, beware of hygiene and wash your hands with warm water and soap before preparing food.

The temperature in the fridge should not be above 4 degrees Celsius because low temperatures stop spreading the bacteria.

In addition, you need to separate the raw food from the one that is ready for consumption.

The most commonly infected food is raw meat, fowl, meat products, seafood, raw eggs, fruits and also vegetables.

In people who are infected with salmonella, the common symptoms are:

– Nausea and vomiting

– Stomach pain


– Fever

– High temperature

– Headaches

– Muscle pains

– Also, blood in the feces

Symptoms of salmonella poisoning usually occur within 72 hours of contact with an infected food or person.

Those symptoms typically last from four to seven days.

You need to be careful when infants and children have salmonella because they dehydrate faster than adults.

Most people recover within a few days without special treatment.

The Natural treatment can help and is also needed for stronger diarrhea that may cause dehydration.

More severe cases may require hospitalization.

If you want to treat this bacterium in natural ways, you can use:


– Blackcurrant


It can also help:


Ginger tea

In your daily healthy meals, you need to include lighter food, such as soups and also cooked vegetables.

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