FUNGAL INFECTIONS – Natural remedies for fungal infections

Fungal Infections

Fungal Infections
Fungal infections occur under the influence of micro-organisms belonging to groups of fungi. Usually is diagnosed fungus Candida and only in this group there are more than 20 species.

It has an easy way to make a simple Candida test at your home. Just for 15 minutes you can know if something is wrong inside your body with Candida test.

Once there was an opinion that fungal infections mainly occur in women, however, today it is known that this kind of inflammation occurs in both sexes and all ages.

However, in women with yeast problem becomes more complex, because these microorganisms thrive in moist, dark environment.

Fungal infections usually affect the genitals, oral cavity, belt beneath the folds of the skin and nails.

The most common symptoms of fungal infection are redness, rash, itching, burning, swelling and foul odor.

The nail infected by fungal infections at the beginning has a yellowish color, and in an advanced stage of the disease may evolve into a green or even completely black. Then, the nail can visibly thicken and begin to pull away from the finger. If you do not cure that fungal infections and can destroy the nail.

Causes of fungal infections are numerous, such as: low immunity, lack of certain minerals in the body, long-term use of antibiotics, excessive secretion of sweat glands, inadequate personal hygiene, frequent use of dirty socks and shoes, etc.

In the fight against fungal infections are necessary patience and perseverance, because it is quite commonplace that even after initial treatment after a short time can be restored and that more serious clinical picture. The treatment of fungal infections have been as successful as it should be used by all available means and we have access to natural and proven natural remedies.

Some natural antifungal remedies may act directly as a means for the destruction of this attack and others can help to re-infection does not return. The best way to fight and cure fungal infections is to check our Anti Candida diet page. It`s natural way to fight against this disease.

Fungal infections can be cured

  1. Garlic – Who else can take first place on the list of natural antifungal infections than famous garlic. Therefore, garlic is the most dangerous natural enemy. Crushed or cut can be applied directly to the area affected by fungal infections and usually very quickly brings relief. In order to achieve the full cure is necessary to use it continuously during a longer period of time.
  2. Yogurt – Yogurt contains the so-called “good bacteria” that are very useful in combating fungi. It is completely free to be used for the treatment of skin and mucous membranes, inside and out. So you can simply rub the visible and readily accessible to affected places or it leach pad if it is necessary to apply it inside. But we should not leave it to operate over a long time because then it tends to cause the opposite effect. It is best to fully washed after several minutes of action because for that time he had already accomplished his mission. This process should be repeated several times during the day.
  3. Apple cider vinegar – is used for controlling a variety of diseases of the skin and mucous membranes and is applied externally and internally. However, since this is a very strong substance for treating fungal diseases recommended application in diluted form, the water course. This therapy can be particularly effective when combined with therapy with garlic. Only do not usually use normal white vinegar! It can even become severe fungal growth.
  4. Oregano OilThe oil of wild oregano is another very powerful natural antifungal infections medication. It is a proven antiseptic and very effective tool for combating various types of infections. Oregano oil gives good results, especially when it comes to the treatment of nail fungus. The way of application is described on the page titled “Oregano oil”. It is really very strong and as to the dosage required to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Walnut oil – Fungal infections can occur in the crown of the head, which among other things can cause hair fall out permanently damage the hair roots. In this case, in addition to the use of apple cider vinegar is recommended that the use of walnut oil.
  6. Aloe vera – This herb is known that soothes the skin and gives good results in the treatment of almost all parasitic diseases, among which include fungal diseases.
  7. Useful things – During and after the treatment of fungi to drink large quantities of yogurt and as much water. Water is an excellent cleanser of the body that is necessary to prevent the return of fungal infections after treatment.
  8. Harmful things – During and immediately after the treatment of fungal infections is important to avoid sugar. Sugar is a favorite food for the fungal infections so it is logical that they should be subtracted. That will reduce the chance of their return again.
  9. Hygiene and clothing – Maintain hygiene of the body at a high level with the use of mild personal hygiene. Avoid synthetic clothes, especially the one that goes directly to the skin. Special care you should have on the use of cotton underwear.