Garlic! It Has Amazing Healing Properties!


Garlic (Allium sativum) a long time people know as a powerful natural remedy.

It is known that the ancient Egyptians, at the time of the pyramids their slaves often give this ingredient to keep them in good shape.

Garlic is the main ingredient of the old Tibetan drug whose prescription written more than 2000 years.

Throughout the history of the wars in all parts of the world, and whenever famine and destitution, this ingredient was an important food and a cure for many diseases.

Brown bread, garlic, and yogurt are the basic ingredients of centenarians from the Caucasus.

Two centuries ago, research in Japan has confirmed the positive effect of this amazing natural ingredient on beriberi.

Our folk medicine also appreciates this ingredient.

Therefore, people compose this ingredient in many balms and natural medicines.

It`s also possible to grow garlic indoors and have fresh natural ingredient in your kitchen.

Garlic is a natural remedy

Today modern medicine scientific research confirms previous knowledge about garlic.

Mankind gets this knowledge through centuries of experience that people transfer from generation to generation.

In pharmacies all over the world, there are numerous of plant-based preparations of this vegetable, which are used as preventive agents and auxiliary curative.

Healing properties

In the first place, it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood.

Immediately after that, this plant is an excellent antibiotic, so people use it very often to combat cold and flu.

At the same time, it is useful as a preventive measure against these diseases.

Regular consumption of this plant reduces the risk of cancer, increases antibody production and immunity in the body.

A lot of studies prove that it works against tumor cells and is useful provisional natural means for treatment of cancer.

Protects blood vessels and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Believe it or not, even this ingredient reduces fatigue, tension, anxiety and improves mood, thanks to the mineral selenium contained in this plant.

It also helps against intestinal parasites so that people who consume this plant can hardly catch a parasite in the intestine.

This amazing ingredient is also a very strong fighter against fungal infections.

People use it in small quantities as a food additive that causes stomach gasses (beans, peas …), reduces bloating stomach.

Garlic can protect you

Garlic protects against numerous chronic diseases, Parkinson’s disease, bronchitis, cataracts, slows the aging process and is an excellent antioxidant.

It is interesting to say that the baby during breastfeeding drink a larger amount of milk if the mother is breastfeeding just before consuming garlic.

At the same time will not cause additional unwanted spasms in the baby.

This information can be helpful to mothers whose babies have less appetite and lack of suck.

At the beginning of the flu or a cold is good to eat one or two cloves garlic.

It effectively kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses, but may initially prevent the development of the disease.

If the disease still to come, it will still help because garlic is a powerful antibiotic, alleviating cough and mucus.

Garlic possesses healing properties both in cooked and in fresh form.

There are health benefits when you eat garlic fresh and raw.

You need to know that against viruses and bacteria, fungi, parasites is good to use fresh garlic.

In cooked form gives the best results for the protection of blood vessels, against infarction and thrombosis, while the pickled garlic is recommended as protection from cancer.