Garlic Indoors! How To Grow Your Own Endless Supply

Garlic Indoors

Garlic Indoors

Garlic indoors can be your solution to have always fresh and natural garlic for your kitchen.

Garlic is known as one of the healthiest vegetables and foods and the best thing is that you can have garlic at your own home on the simple and natural way.

This is also a much cheaper way to have garlic indoors than buying from the store.

In addition, garlic indoors is for sure much healthier than other garlic especially garlic from China.

Garlic indoors for your endless supply

You have already heard about amazing benefits of garlic and the things that this miracle vegetable can do for your body.

So, let`s start and tell you how to grow your garlic indoors in the comfort of your home.

How to grow garlic indoors

Things that you will need:

-1. Several heads or bulbs of natural garlic

-2. Organic potting soil

-3. One planting pot or container

NOTE: Some of the garlic that you can buy in grocery stores can be treated with some hormone that prevents cloves from sprouting.

For the best results, use organic natural garlic.

You can wait and see if your garlic begins to sprout.

If you take a closer look, you can maybe find even garlic that cloves are sprouting at the grocery stores.


-1. Use only good natural garlic heads

-2. Take a large pot or container and fill it with potting soil.

-3. Separate the cloves of garlic and put each clove vertically in the soil at a depth of 1 inch.

-4. Be sure that cloves are covered with a 1 inch of soil and keep the container in an area that is exposed to the sun.

-5. Put water in the container as you put water in your indoor plant.

-6. When you have 3 – 4 inches tall greens you can cut them and leave 1 inch so they can regrow.

NOTE: Eventually, these garlic greens can stop growing.

When they turn brown and dry up, you can dig out the cloves and you will see that each of them has formed one full bulb (head).

Now you can restart a put each clove again for your own natural garlic.



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