Gastric Acid! Rice Natural Remedy!

Gastric Acid

Gastric Acid is a digestive fluid that people know as stomach acid.

This acid is composed of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and hydrochloric acid and it has a main role in the digestion of proteins in our stomach.

Gastric acid is produced in our stomach by parietal cells.

One of the enemies of our stomach is acids.

There are a lot of medications which can protect you from this acid, but you can also take one natural product that will have excellent effects and will protect you against acids.

Don`t forget that acids in our stomach have two benefits: protection and absorption.

They begin the breakdown of most minerals and proteins with pepsin to prepare absorption of nutrients.

Gastric acid can disappear with rice

Gastric acid helps to destroy dangerous and bad bacteria.

Here we are speaking if you have too much acid and they are eroding your stomach.

Food that you eat is going back to the throat and you have different taste of food

The easiest and simplest remedy for Gastric acid in your stomach is with rice grains which don’t induce gas production.

It is very simple.

Just take nine fresh grains of rice and drink with one glass of water.

The gastric acid will be absorbed by the rice grains and it will be disposed of out of your body.

If you are experiencing gas pain and bloating than is better to replace fresh grains with wild rice, basmati rice, brown rice or black rice.

You can also use and drink rice water – the water left after cooking rice.

Rice water is acting as a demulcent.

This is a temporary solution.

On this way, you can replace all pills prescribed by your doctor.

When you have a lot of times problems with Gastric acid don`t consume fresh rice grains.

In that case, the best is to visit your doctor and check what a cause is with further testing.