Grandmothers Homemade Recipes To Treat Calluses And Corns! (RECIPE)


Calluses and corns – all of us were once had, but here are ways to successfully cope with them.

When we have a problem, we will try everything – but does it work?

When helps, it helps!

Calluses and corns – most of the people sometimes have them.

However, here are some natural ways to successfully cope with those unpleasant and also uncomfortable problems.


The constant friction of the skin on a surface can cause calluses.

They are unfavorable, and they do not look nice.

Corns and blisters

Unlike calluses, corns and blisters can be extremely painful.

Recipes to treat calluses, corns, and blisters

-1. Bath with apple vinegar and castor oil

You can treat them if you add the warm water a cup of castor oil and also a cup of vinegar.

Dip your feet for 10 days.

-2. Vitamin E

The effect of vitamin E is stunning – your problem should disappear after a few days.

-3. Lemon

Cut a slice of lemon and tighten to a blister and leave it overnight.

-4. Onions and wine vinegar

Soak a piece of onion with vinegar and put in a problematic place with calluses or corns.

-5. Apple cider vinegar and bread

Soak stale bread in apple cider vinegar and also cover with a transparent foil.

All this will soften calluses and corns during night time.

-6. Castor oil

You just need to rub the skin with castor oil and also leave to work during the night.

-7. Aspirin

Crumble 5 aspirins and add a drop of pure alcohol or apple cider vinegar and mix.

Rub on your callus or corn and also leave on for 10 minutes. Then rinse.

-8. Bath with Epsom salt

This method takes a little longer than others, but it is very relaxing.

Fill one container with warm water and put a handful of Epsom salt.

Mix all together and soak your feet for 10 minutes.

Then, with gentle movements rub a place where you have callus or corn.

Share those helpful natural treatments with your friends and family.

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