Hawthorn Liqueur Strengthens Heart, Treat Fatigue, Enhance Digestion! (RECIPE)

Hawthorn Liqueur

One of the most famous plants that are especially useful for the heart is undoubtedly a hawthorn, and the hawthorn liqueur from its red berries is a classic remedy for strengthening the heart.

The folk medicine uses leaves, berries, and also flowers for health treatments.

However, you can make a healthy hawthorn liqueur at your home by yourself and use it as a home remedy.

Nutritionists consider hawthorn as one of the healthiest medicinal plants in the world.

Health benefits of hawthorn are:

– Stimulates the bloodstream

– Strengthens the heart

– Increases blood circulation – nutritionists recommend this plant after a heart attack

– Helps with fatigue

– Helps with anxiety

– Also, helps if you have sleeping problems

– Helps with energy shortages

– Maintain the bloodstream

– Maintain high blood pressure

– Helps in treatment of Cardiac arrhythmia

– It has calming properties

– Remove excess liquid from your body

– Helps in weight loss

In addition, if you don`t like the taste of the berries for sure you will like the taste of hawthorn liqueur.

In addition, to all above health benefits, hawthorn liqueur enhances digestion.

Recipe for hawthorn liqueur:

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 300 grams of hawthorn berries

– 150 grams of sugar


Preparation of the recipe

Put hawthorn berries and also sugar in one glass bottle with a broader throat.

Put the vodka up to the top and place it on the window board.

Shake the bottle every day.

The berries will soon lose color and, at the same time, they will paint the vodka.

The mixture needs to stay for at least six weeks.

Then strain and transfer to another bottle.

Nutritionists recommend drinking a small glass of hawthorn liqueur on a daily basis to prevent heart problems.

At the same time, you will alleviate existing lighter problems.

If you are already taking any other medications for heart problems, you must consult a physician.

Share this homemade recipe with your friends and also family members.

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