High Blood Pressure! Natural Remedies!

High Blood Pressure

Arterial hypertension – high blood pressure is a pathological condition (according to the World Health Organization) marked the elevation of systolic blood pressure over 160 mmHg, diastolic pressure over 95 mmHg.

The people suffer from high and low blood pressure.

High blood pressure can only be timed lap physiological variant.

It can also be an early sign of the beginning of the disease or high blood pressure, especially diastolic.

Diagnosed with arterial hypertension are a chronic and often a lifelong disease, insidious beginning.

Disease progression gradually leads to significant changes, not only in the heart.

At the same time, can also change the other vital organs, or their vessels.

Therefore, they usually introduce a chronic lifelong therapy and rigorous change the previous ones.

Thus, high blood pressure is responsible and can increase a risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, vision problems.

In addition, can have many other life-threatening health troubles.

Reducing high blood pressure protects the body from the devastating side effects caused by arterial hypertension.

However, many people do not realize this threat seriously enough, do not adhere to prescribed therapy and medical advice.

That makes them feel bad and slowly but surely endanger your life.

High blood pressure needs to be prevented

Statistical data show that hypertension affects 40% of people older than 35 years and 80% of the elderly.

High blood pressure you can avoid or lower with the help of natural remedies.

Lifestyle changes and continuous administration of natural resources, all of which plague this passion is giving a chance to get rid of a lifetime synthetic drug therapy.

Natural medicines that lower high blood pressure:

-1.  First place on this list and deservedly occupies by far the garlic.

It is scientifically proven that allicin, a substance which is found in garlic, lowers high blood pressure, even in patients with severe hypertension.

In addition, it is useful to the cardiovascular system, for protecting blood vessels from oxidative and inflammatory processes.

-2. Right behind him is the onion because it has a very similar medicinal properties as well as garlic.

It also “lives” allicin.

Onions adorn another feature which is to contain a plant hormone similar to insulin, so it is a good choice for diabetics because of the milder forms of the disease can affect the regulation of blood sugar.

-3. Tomato juice is another excellent natural remedy for high blood pressure.

It also offers more than that, because in addition to lowering blood pressure, prevent thrombosis by reducing the possibility of sticking platelets.

In this case, do not drink the tomato juice as you usually prepare for the winter, but drink it clean with no salt.

-4. Tea of hawthorn is also a very effective natural remedy for high blood pressure and can be used in the opposite case – at low blood pressure, because this plant is, in fact, encourages stabilize blood pressure.

Hawthorn traditionally belongs to the most curative one’s plants on the planet when it comes to heart problems.

Here are some other natural remedies

-5. Blackberry can lower blood pressure.

-6. Magnesium is an important mineral that participates in many processes in the body, a very important role in the process towards the regulation of blood pressure.

Daily intake of sufficient amounts of magnesium, among other things, prevents the development of diabetes and hypertension.

-7. Omega-3 fatty acids, an indispensable tool for all those who are struggling with high blood pressure.

Most of them are in the fish, flax seeds, pumpkin, nuts and olive oil.

-8. The eighth place we can mention some more, maybe not to the extent effective, but certainly valuable natural resources that lower high blood pressure such as pumpkin seeds, celery, parsley, oats, black tea, green tea, lavender, and nettle.

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