Home Exercises Burns 600 Calories For 4 Minutes! (VIDEO)

Home Exercises

These home exercises of fitness instructor Jim Saret are intended for everyone.

These home exercises are also especially good for those who are sitting most of the day.

For the most effective home exercises, you do not need a gym, reconciliation and special equipment.

You just need to spend 4 minutes of your time at home and good will!

It is about technique and plan of exercises of popular American fitness instructor Jim Saret.

As we mentioned, everyone can practice these exercises, especially those people that practice very little and also do not have enough physical activity.

“If you do everything correctly, for those four minutes you will melt 600 calories!

Just imagine how much you will burn if you are doing these home exercises every day?

Your body will in a short time become perfect.

Hours spent on the machines at the gym are only for those who wish to highlight each muscle” – says fitness instructor Jim Saret.

Home exercises of fitness instructor Jim Saret

His exercise plan consists of intensive 4 minutes a combination of strength and fitness.

Those 4 minutes you do these exercises:

– One minute rebounds with a show of hands

– A minute of squats

– One minute with pushups

– A minute with strides

Each one of these exercises you need to do in a series of 10 repetitions.

If you have trouble with performing pushups, fitness instructor Jim Saret recommends to make a simple modification – you can push your body of the wall instead of the floor.

It is important to make your body in the right position, especially the spine and knees.

In addition, before doing these exercises you need to do short stretch and warm-up to your body.

On that way, you will avoid injuries and stretch the tendons and muscles.

At the beginning do this training only once per day.

When you start to be a little in shape, you can repeat these exercises several times per day.

See this video below and start today!

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